(Video) Man Brutally Beats His Ex-girlfriend While She’s Stuck In Los Angeles Traffic

As civilized as America is supposed to be, the kinds of things that happen there is sometimes baffling. A man dragged his ex-girlfriend out of her car in Los Angeles traffic and brutally beat her while people just stood there.

When the girl even tried to escape into the car, the man dragged her out of the car and pushed her to the floor.

Some commenters said he bought the car for the lady and had been asking for it back after they broke up but she refused to give it back until this confrontation. Watch video below…

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  1. D man dey craze seriously!make he come do am for 9ja mak dem kill am.y on earth wil she return d car?will d man also return all d fuck wey he fuck d gal?

  2. Seeeee…u people should stop saying dat about d girl.na every girl be runs girl……u don’t knw d reason y she broke up with him……maybe it’s about him beating her up….it happens even in Nigeria

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