(Episode 39) I’m scared my crush could break my heart … Irresistible Story!

I miss Yousuf badly, I love him so much and there is no doubt he loves me. My doubtful moves made me lost a rare gem like him. On Feb 14th ,Valentine’s day I and Amara went out for shop# FEB_14TH

Osas was out of the country. On that fateful day, i received a call from an unknown number, he knew everything about me and he asked me to meet him@ a specific bar, which i did. I begged Joyce to accompany me, she had no option than to do so.

We went to the place together and to my surprise i saw Mikolo and chuks. I angry walked up to them

Me: “why are u calling with unknown number” i heard myself ask them. They were all suprised, then i knew it wasn’t them.

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Adenuga walked in minutes later with Bella and her child, could this be happening I murmured. Adenuga walked towards me

Adenuga: ” I have a family now, i can’t leave Bella, im sorry” Adenuga said. I was confused because it all looked like a planned work or maybe a coincidence.

Just then, the unknown number called again, i picked the call angrily and cursed whosoever it may be playing this trick. Just then the caller told me look behind…

I looked behind and saw…









YOUSUF. . Yes! It was my dearest Yousuf.

I was Amazed,he was now a full grown man, he walked down to me”Cyndy Im back for you” i heard him say as he kissed me passionately…Just then I remembered Osas. Hmmm


I know i have wronged you, i pleaded to Yousuf forsaking my pride, I narrated Osas’s story to him as he listened. Tears drops his eyes.

Me: “whats wrong” i asked, he drew close to me and held me

Yousuf: “Thank God, you had mixed feelings for Osas” he said while i listened surprisedly.

Me: Do you know him” i heard myself ask Yousuf..

Yousuf: “he works for me in my Hospital, in the US. He has a wife and 3kids” I was shocked when i heard this. Minutes later my phone rang it was Osas, its like he knew Yousuf was around and must have opened up to me. I picked the call, then he said Congrats and cuts!

Yousuf smiled suspiciously, why the face, i askd

Yousuf:  ” actually I sent Osas to you if you’d fall 4 him and agree to marry him, so i could find a wife else where but it seems we were destined for each other” Yousuf muttered.

So it was all a plan, i mummured. Yousuf knelt down and the proposed to me “WILL YOU MARRY ME” Yousuf said….

YES” YES!! YES!!! I Will Marry You” I heard myself say to him


AFTER OUR WEDDING, Joyce was my brides girl and Osas was Yousufs best man…

Later in the evenin@Yousufs house..wow i cant believe Yousuf own a house and a car of his own and Im married to him.

Me:  “you know, we cant change destiny,what will be will be” i said to myself as i waited for Yousuf on our matrimonial bed..HE CAME TO…AND









And we did it. Like never b4. This time without c*ndom. Cos i Knew we wud be expecting our baby.

He slipped in a finger into my knicker and gently dipped it into my honey pot, which instantly sent waves of current into my head, because it really had been quite long i felt a “manly touch” in that spot…….He brought down his lips and kissed me again, this time more strongly than the first kiss. I closed my eyes, and moaned softly for him, which really got him excited……

He grasped my two bosoms and squeezed them softly, while my heart, body, and soul opened up for him

“Oooooh it really has been quite long i felt a rod slide into me”, i muttered to myself, as i allowed him caress me..

His touches and caresses this time around. He thrust in again and again, while i dug my fingers on his chest as i endured the pain silently, cos i saw he was enjoying it and so in order to make him happy, i let him have his way. He really was so gentle that night as he expertly opened and penetrated deep inside my honeypot with his joystick and the smile on his face said it all as he moved his waist to and fro……

He tenderly kissed me, as he fondled and caressed my innocent looking bosoms and i knew not how i felt that moment, because it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. He slowly increased the tempo of his thrust, which also left me gasping for breathe as his joystick penetrated and opened my kitty more and more…..

OHH my Yousuf…


I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy! I named him Yousuf. Cos I wanted him to be like my only Yousuf.Who could ever be like my Yousuf…. Joyce came for “omugwo” i can neva 4get my bestie JOYCE….


Sometimes,we girls its beta to go for the man that truely loves us rather than the ones we love. Its beta that way. What will be will surely be. I AM CYNDY And This is my story

:::::::::::::: THE END ::::::::::::::::::

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  1. Very very very interesting story.My prediction is dead right for I foresee Cyndy going back to Yuosuph. Congratulations to them and happy married life.

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