Here’s the Nigerian man who builds a mini Aircraft, he’s without a university degree … See more photos

Aghogho Ajiyen, Nigerian man  from Delta state, builds Aircraft with local materials. Even without a University degree, he assembles these machines and make them to fly. He assembled his first aircraft in 1999 but didn’t succeed at it.

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He continued and got better with his next try. He said he does his research on how to assembly aircraft by himself and decided to put it to test.

He even installs a camera on them which he uses to survey his environment and has developed his own special fuel for his aircraft. What a Hero!

See more photos detailed:








  1. Bravo ! But he is not the only one.Many of his type abound and are rusting away out there.lf you go to the North,South East or Western part of Nigeria they are there building different technology with their bare hands.Government should reach out and encourage these highly gifted youths by bringing them together through their local/state governments and other interested bodies;and send them to specialized schools where they would develop their talents.These people could be the vanguard of employment and the source of deversification of the economy we’ve been yearning for.

  2. Wonder what happened to the JETS contest we used to see on the TV, way back in the early 80s. These talent would have showcased his skills.

  3. The Ministry of Science and Technology should take steps. Babangida’s adminisreation had a parastatal organization for vehicle manufacturing. What happened to it? Continuity is needed for worthwhile programmes. Many innovations on technology and other development aspects are in the research institutes, universities and polytechniques. They should be harnessed, coordinated and utilized by respective agencies. These cannot happen unless corruption stops, because money for their development should not be diverted elsewhere.

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