Public office holders except President should use their personal cars to serve Nigeria – Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa East constituency, may be on a collision course with some of his colleagues after he advised that all public office holders except the president use their personal cars to serve the citizens.

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Murray-Bruce who was tweeting with #BudgetCommonsense noted that how does Nigeria look when it borrows from the United Kingdom to fund the 2016 budget yet its expenses is more than that of the UK.

Read all Murray-Bruce’s tweet:

Are Nigerians aware the British PM only gets an annual grant of £30,000 for upkeep of his official living quarters? ‪#‎BudgetCommonsense

How does Nigeria looks when we seek to borrow from UK to fund 2016 budget yet our expenses are higher than theirs? #BudgetCommonsense

I said except the President, we should all use personal cars because we look like fools if we spend more than our creditors #BudgetCommonsense

If the 2016 budget is passed as is, we will borrow ₦5 Billion daily. It will be irresponsible to spend debt on luxuries #BudgetCommonsense

Isn’t it embarrassing to fly a Presidential jet to a country we want to borrow from and whose own leaders have none? #BudgetCommonsense

I practice what I preach. In chambers and publicly, I call for reduction in pay. I share my allowance with my Constituents #BudgetCommonsense

My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!



  1. Confirme, he is making a Whole lot of sense here, some Nigerians are lost in corrupt government, they no longer know their left from right.

  2. Thus is what we have been praying for that God should raise people that can defend the cause of this nation. Sir, this a true talk and may God grant our leaders a considerable heart on this matter and may this commonsense has an indelible impact in this country.

  3. Wao, this is awesome. Ben has told Nigeria Citizen the gospel truth. May God preserve and sustain your life. Food for thought. You will rule Nigeria one day in Jesus name.
    God bless.

  4. May God bless you Senator. It goes to show you are actually in the Senate to see how our Great Country can be salvage from the ruins and not after what you can eat from the nation. Really much sense in what you have said. Most people go into politics because of all the luxurious that have been attached to it by our greedy politicians and some had also killed to ensure they won elections and when they get to the seats of governance become bench warmers and continue to rip off our National cake all in the name of Salaries, allowances, etcetera. Thank you once more Sir.

  5. Confirmed talk. More of people like you who is ready to serve his Nation not corrupt leaders as will saw in the past regime.

  6. This is wonderful Senator and it makes real good common sense. May God bless and guide you. There is hope and future for Nigeria with people like you who mean well for our great but sleeping giant country Nigeria. Words alone are not enough, please work on your colleagues (Senators and House of Rep members) to follow this good and sane path. Another suggestion is help recover all our looted common wealth.

  7. Thanks Ben, what a great talk, I know many of this thieves will not agree to that beautiful information. Fellow Nigerian it is high time for us to rise up and lend our voices to how we govern this country. Today we are shouting of Dasukigate, what about this decorated thieves calling themselves Senators.

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