Nigerians deserve to know the truth about Buhari’s sudden vacation – Fayose

Ekiti State Governor,  Ayodele Fayose on Sunday, said that the statement issued by the Presidency on President Muhammadu Buhari’s sudden vacation was vague, saying, “Nigerians deserve to know the truth about their President because the President is an open book that every Nigerians should be free to read.”

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The governor, who said he was aware of the high-wire plot to use the Supreme Court to upturn his electoral victory, insisted that nothing will stop him from speaking the truth concerning issues in the country.

He said it was suspicious that a president, who told Nigerians that he was embarking on official visit to France and Britain, last Tuesday, would suddenly commence a five-day vacation while still in the United Kingdom.

In a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor, who prayed for safe return of the President, said “Nigerians deserve to know where exactly their president is spending his vacation.”

He however commended the President for handing over to the Vice President as stipulated by the Constitution of the country.

He said; “We were told last Tuesday, that Mr President was travelling to France and from there to London to attend the Syria Donor Conference, and that he would return to Nigeria this weekend.

“All of a sudden, we were told that the President was embarking on a five-day vacation. Where and why? We were not told.

“Curiously, it was at this same period, last year that President Buhari, who was at that time the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, disappeared from public, with lies told about him granting interviews in London.

“It is therefore important that in future, the presidency should be more explicit in communicating with Nigerians on issues regarding the President because a nation’s president is an open book that can be read by anyone.”



  1. You this boy have not learned how to keep shot just for a while. Anyway, your days are numbered on that seat & don’t ever decieve urself with immunity o, u’re a gonner, with the revelations from ur cohort & more are still coming

  2. You this boy have not learned how to keep shot just for a while. Anyway, your days are numbered on that seat & don’t ever decieve urself with immunity o, u’re a gonner, with the revelations from ur cohort & more are still coming

  3. What the h**l is wrong with this governor.what is your business with the president’s affair.why not answer to the workers salary in your start that you paid and order the bank to withdraw from their accounts again.incompetency,fraud,thugerry, is your other name.pls mind your business and savor your last days in your dubiously gotten office

  4. Get busy in your state Gov. Fayose, because an idle hand is devil’s workshop. PMB is on five day leave which ends on Feb 10 in 3 days time. What issue are you raising now?.

  5. Everyone has his or her point, Fayose might be seeing what we are not seeing so me am not blaming him, i think he must have a point to prove

  6. I think we need to check this governor very well,his excesses is coming on the high side.The president has done what the constitution stipulates if he has to go on vacation. Then what is your business in ds matter. Fayose, learn from ur past blunders as a result of not been able to control ur tongue.

  7. Please you guys are having baseless support for buhari. He is now the father of the nation and not the one u use to know. We have the right to know the whereabout of our father. May what happen to yaradua never see him, becos this country will in choas and total mess. Fayose is 100% right like any one to demand explaination. Most of u are scare becos buhari is becoming a tyrant, creating a despotic govt where people fear to talk or will be rope with one fake allegation.

    • @mikeobi…yes but u talk sensibly. There is no sense in what fayose said. The president is on vacation & he has done all that is required of him. Tell me, of what relevance is where the president is spending his leave to the average Nigerian. fayose is only using all these his meaningless talks to divert attention to the mess he is making Ekiti State now.

  8. What business of urs do u still want to know about PMB? After telling d whole dat he want to proceed on 10days vacation? U better get ready to defend ur unscrupulous act on ur elected office mr fayose cos dis time it won’t be business as usual.

  9. Fayose and other ill-wishers should deploy drones and Gps from Ekiti to track the president to their suspected location.
    There should be limits to idleness and barbaric prognosis.
    Again I ask what is Fayose’s stewardship in Ekiti?

  10. Fayose,you’r a thug, a drug addict and an insensitive governor.You deserve all the above comments from concerned Nigerians!Leearn to mind ur business!!!

  11. Fayose really surprises me, the guy just open his mouth and says whatever comes out without giving it die thought. I wish somebody should just shut the guys trap n
    Or make him an example for others. I have no problem with critics or Biased views, but let it be constructive and meaningful not just trying to create a fame of nuisance. He should remember his a father and the children also get to read the papers, I doubt if the wife supports his utterances

  12. Anyway, to me all these sagacities are politically motivated.They know all what they’re doing. It is just like football game dat one side for arsenal while others for Manchester and thus make the game interesting.Although fayose is stupid and psychopat but still yet is good democratically to have
    some people in the corridor of power checkmating the activities of one and other.They know all what they’re doing my people jare.

  13. It’s only a fool that cannot ingnore anything
    This Fayose should realise he is not the only governor in Nigeria and he will do himself a great favour by focusing on providing good governance to his people

  14. Gov. Fayose can’t stop talking. He said GMB will die, his prophecy didn’t come to pass. He is unstable on his seat. What do you think he will be doing? His government stability and seeking people’s sympathy should be his primary assignments, while other things will follow.

  15. People should ignore Fayose, commenting on his statements will make him look important. The guy is nobody, let’s not make him look important.

  16. Who send madman message, he should mind his portfolio of teaching Ekiti people lessons they will never forget in their life.

  17. Fayose must have been a motor park thug sometimes in the pass. What a pity that Ekiti State, a state where almost every home has a Professor produced this caliber of person as the State Governor. Really sad. I hope he never had psych.problem in past?

  18. Fayose is, to put it mildly, a thug. Not worthy of our quality time. Pls ignore the beast. His ill wishes will go back to him.
    Ekiti people stand up!!!

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