(Photos) Dead Baby Prayed Back To Life At The Liberation City Church

Hmmmm!!! There is absolutely nothing that God cannot do, because the say way he is yesterday, he is today, and will forever remain the same till eternity. This miraculous story will surely make your day!

According to a miraculous and shocking story shared by reporters which was sent to them by a member of a church, a baby who was dead and rushed to Church, was brought back to life after a massive prayer by an anointed man of God.

Below is how they shared the story that was sent to them;

“On Sunday, February 7, 2016, at the Mountain Miracle and Liberation Ministries, a.k.a Liberation City, a dead child was prayed back to life in a suspense-filled movie-like scenario.
The six-month old child said to have been ill for weeks was brought to the church by her parents for prayers. Unfortunately, the child gave up the ghost as soon as they arrived the church.


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Her frantic parents eventually wept and pushed their way through to the podium where the man of God ministered to other people, and he immediately took the child from them and prayed fervently.

Then he dropped the child on the altar and commanded her spirit to come back and the child moved! The congregation exploded in tumultuous praise as the child continued to move and even later drank some water!
In August of last year as well, the same scenario played out in Kogi State, at the Chris Okafor World Outreach Ministries Crusade venue, in Lokoja. God used Dr Okafor to bring the child in question back to life!
By the grace of God, Dr. Chris Okafor is known for accurate prophecies and the unusual ability to profer solution in every occasion.”



  1. Hmmm. The child gave up the ghost on arrival at the church right? Which Doctor certified the baby dead?
    Please lets all wake up from our slumber. ..God knows His true worshippers…..

  2. May be the baby was unconscious(girii) and later she regain her consciousness,is that what the pastor wanted to use to gain attention.

  3. @ funke and Seun you cannot understand the things of the spirit.Praise God as He is awesom.His ways are not our ways.God uses His children to accomplish His promises to us on earth.Thank you Jesus for this great miracle..Yield yourself to the holy spirit you can do more than that.Just believe.

  4. Pure play acting that can only happen in the developing world,where serveral folks are still stuck in religious slavery and colonisation
    Pastor woke a dead baby,hmmm really ?
    Certainly the green pasture being sought by most people of the world will instantly shift to Nigeria,specifically his church,if only he can move to the nearest mortuary to wake the clinically dead that has been certified dead by the doctor

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