Buhari arrives Nigeria after 5 day vacation in London … See Photos

President Buhari has arrived Nigeria after his 5 day vacation in London. See more photos detailed:

buhari arrives3

buhari arrives

buhari arrives1

buhari arrives2




  1. Mama and Eze, pls wake up. Imagine what would have become of Nigeria if PDP was returned to power in 2015 elections. The sleaze, impunity, Boko Haram, kidnappers etc. Just imagine!!!

  2. Welcome Mr. President. We thank God for your life. We are praying for you. You will have Nigeria of your dream despite the series of challenges you are facing. The Lord is your strength. I wish you super wisdom of God and good health.

  3. Leave after few months in office. Kongrats, tyrant head of stay. Ur cup will full soon, right from ur own house. Those that encourage boko haram, same will first their homes. Nothing is new on earth. Abacha ur friend, colleague, broda kill many souls to finetone his office, but what happen at last. Ur hands are being stained with te blood of innocent souls in this country. May Allah forgive u.

  4. @Mike. You really hate your own President so much and for no just cause,the earlier you face the reality,the better for you,no matter how much you may try,you cannot be greater than your nation and so,if you have that understanding,whoever God puts in power needs prayer and support rather than abuse,if you are a Christian who read your Bible,then you will know that it’s enough sin for you to curse and abuse your leader when God commands you to pray for them,therefore,if there is anyone who needs to ask God for forgiveness,it’s you. For three consecutive elections,I voted against this man in favor of former president Jonathan until God says it was time for him to rule so,why is it so difficult for some of you to accept this reality of divine order.

  5. I don’t think that any right thinking person in this country today will not wish President PMB well except those who have brought the country to her present sorry state.Mr President, majority of the people are with you while those who have destroyed the country financially will hold grudge against the President. PMB,well done and God’s guidance and blessings.

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