Fayose rocks Igbo traditional attire to celebrate Abia Governor Thanksgiving Service … More Photos

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose is seen in a new series of photos wearing a classy and traditional wear of the Ibos. From the photos detailed below, his arrival is most noticed as he graced the occasion in a unique attire.

In a bid to push his message futher, he has dropped photos of himself in igbo attire, pictured rocking it at the Thanksgiving Service organized by Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu.

The event is currently holding at the Umuahia Township Stadium. The thanksgiving is for the validation of his election by the Supreme court. See more photos detailed:

fayose ibo4

fayose ibo5

fayose ibo6

credit: Abia Online



    • If your Papa na Bushman then you permitted to refer to your Governor as such. I just wouldn’t know why Ekiti people will refuse to cherish what they have till they loose it.

  1. Another mediocre thanksgiving

    PDP should borrow a leaf from APC. Having won the 2015 presidential election, APC resumes work immediately and went straight to businesses

    Like FFK pointed out-PDP needs deliverance and not thanksgiving

  2. Igbo kwenu hiaaaaa;Ndi lgbo kwenu hiaaaaaaaa !!!! Gov Fayose abeg carry go.People should learn to appreciate good things.ls there anything wrong in identifying with friends and associates? We should celebrate or rejoice with those who are rejoicing.Period.

  3. This man is never a serious man. He is fit to be a governor. I don’t think he can rule a local government well. His days are numbered.

  4. Fayose is 100 times better than Buhari. Buhari is pure illitrate, olodo that will take this nation to grave. See budget, APC has already gotten criminal intent to steal within working. Fayose u are great. God bless for exposing the evils of APC. That is democratic governance.

  5. You guys are just too sentiment what’s new if he put on igbo outfits. All is just bcos he is not APC amongst other governors in west. In a reality the worst governor in the west is Osun State Aregbesola Rauf but no one sees that bcos he belongs to the click. President Buhari was in India sometimes ago address in Indian outfits and people hailed him. If igbo man dressed in Yoruba outfits nothing spoil abi? Only if fayose does it that it bad. May God have mercy on us .

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