Here’s Photos of Pastor Grabbing His Wife’s B00bs In Public That Everyone is Talking About

Just a quick question! If kissing your lover in public is allowed, is boobs grabbing also allowed in public? Most especially from a pastor? A U.S based pastor, Francis Van-Lare who posted  a disturbing and controversial photo of himself grabbing his wife, Amara Van-Lare’s b00bs on social media.

He posted the pictures of him grabbing his wife, Amara’s boobs, on his Facebook page. According to him, ‘there is nothing wrong in kissing your wife in public’. He also posted another set of photos which he said: ‘Sunday blessings to you all. When last did you play with your wife ? Grab her!’

See photos detailed below:

pastor boobs

pastor boobs1



  1. So what message are they trying to pass across to the widows and widowers in their midst whose partners are late? If a pastor that suppose to be spiritual and do things in moderation can go so tempting, then his congregation is bound to go astrial. There are things that suppose to be display in the secrete even when you are legally married so as not to provoke God

    • There’s nothing wrong here. He is enjoying n drinking water from his own cistern as commanded by God. Let ur wife intoxicate u not a strange or outside chic. Abraham denied his wife in public n God + the king vex for am. The widow are allowed by God to remarry since their spouse has died. If all husbands treat their wife thus, there will less divorce cos d wife go reciprocate, der will peace n love at home, singles will be inspired to marry n not be looking for a man who is frustrated at home to seduce and be his side chic. Look anywhere and u will find half naked ladies or skimpily dressed ones with 90% of boobs exposed who put men even pastors under pressure. So let him grab his wife’s own for control n to discourage such ladies.

  2. the next photo will be to sleep with her in public; after all she is doing it with his wife and not adultery……nothing we no go see for this world!
    it is better to be ‘seen’ than ‘viewed’…..

  3. We are so hypocritical in this country, for crying out loud, she’s his wife, he decided to fondle, romance and have sex with her it is his right, all of you criticizing commit even worse, please this is one reason we are where we are someone said GOD will be angry? Chaiiiii may GOD deliver us from spiritual blindness

  4. Pastor suppose to show some respect to his member of his church,becos they look at him as a man of holiness,he shld not corrupt their mind.

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