(Photos) Checkout Dino Melaye’s new motorcyle 3 wheeler causing confusion in Abuja, that’s the 2015 Monster Polaris Slingshot

Senator Dino Melaye recently acquired some much more transportation system but a 3 wheeler, cost about $24,000, it is called Monster Polaris Slingshot, and he has been giving it some exercise around FCT Town, Abuja.  See more photos detailed:

dino toy

It is captioned “Dino Melaye latest toy, 2015 Slingshot estimated to cost N4,78 Million ($24,000). Most citizens scoot around town on four wheels but this comes in a new grand style



    • Really Yinusa?! in less than a year in office? Did such show of wastage happen in Jona’s era? …AND hope you are not the mallam that abducted Ese?

  1. This senator exudes so much of youthful exuberance! He should begin to display maturity commensurate with the status of a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

  2. Hmn! And this stupid robbers and kidnappers will be disturbing the poor masses, can’t they find him and his likes who still have to waste on frivolities when majorities are counting cost before buying a satchet of water

  3. It seems majority of the people reacting to this editorial are impoverished either materially or psychologically. Please Ade love maybe we play down these type of stories as our poor readers are obviously unable to deal with such stories.

  4. Haba Show Boy Dino “Bravo” Melaye ! Honorable Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Should this type of behavior/acquisition come from a Senator at this time in Nigeria ? See Honourable Senator Ben Bruce for some lecture on buy Nigeria goods to grow Naija please.

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