Requesting tax from churches, mosques is devilish, says Mimiko

Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State has described any thought of taxing churches or mosques in order to generate revenue by governments in the country as “devilish”.

Mimiko, who was speaking at the Dome during the interminational service to mark his seventh anniversary and 40th year creation of the state, submitted that his administration has never contemplated imposing taxes on places of worshipping God.

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He said whoever comes to demand taxes from churches directly or in disguise in the state is an agent of the devil who must be handed over to security agents for appropriate action.

His words: “We don’t tax churches, anybody that comes to church deliberately or in disguise, asking for taxes is a messenger of the devil that must be handed over to the security agencies.”


He, however, urged the leadership of places of worship to mandate their members, especially the taxable adults to pay their taxes and other levies to enable government meet its responsibilities and obligation to the people in this era of dwindling resources.

Mimiko declared that his government would neither retrench workers nor reduce workers’ salaries, even as he submitted that the reasonable option for government is to increase its internally generated revenue so that his government’s programmes like the free shuttle bus scheme and free healthcare among others can be sustained.



  1. Churches which generate money for the work of God ONLY are still doing the work of God. Church leaders who travel in jets are doing so to reach more places more quickly and increase spread of the work of God and anointing of the spirit of God in the lives of citizens of where they visit. Any one who spends God’s money unjustifiably is playing with fire. A true man of God will add his personal money for the work of God. He will NEVER steal God’smoney or property. God normally blesses him abundantly. He gives out. PLEASE, DO NOT TAX WORK OF GOD. ADD TO THE FUNDS. GOD MAY DEAL WITH ANY BODY WHO TAXES HIS WORK. I implore ALL never to try it. The Governor knows God. He is completely right.

  2. Mimiko is more or less a hypocrite
    Tell me how many Nigeria politicians that their ways are far from that of devil himself
    If the religious ministers,either pastors or Imams,can live opulent and ostentatious life from the proceeds of religion,I see no reason why they should not pay tax

  3. Is Mimiko so Christianly or moslemised now? I read sometime ago of confessions made one of those persons that he sent on errands to India or so for alternative means(charms) to enable him hold unto governance at all cost and such caused the loss of lives of 3 of the persons. What is more devilish Mimiko?…/true-confession-man-lost-wife-son-governor-mimokos-el…

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