Meet The Nigerian Man Who Reportedly Makes Drones For The US Army….See Pictures

According to reports from Nigerian activist based in the US, Amb Osagie, this Nigerian man identified as Dr Osato is living and making great impact in the U.S.

Good to celebrate Nigerians who are doing well and doing exceptionally for themselves.


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The man who is from Benin, Edo state -builds drones for the U.S. Army… and these drones can be used to capture terrorist areas remotely. According to reports, very people know him due to his quiet lifestyle.



  1. Thank God he base in US and not in Nigeria, if not his dreams would have die off dew to the way Nigerians can discourage when it come to things like this

  2. Our youth are not seeing this quiet talent because the media only celebrates the bling-bling male musicians and the boob-blogging female musicians who are only killing the brains of our youth (and adults). If we refuse to wake up to the trends in our nation, (afaimo) we are seeing the last generation of intelligent Nigerians; God forbid.

    • @Tunde: I agree with you bro, this kind of thing is not encouraged in Nigeria. Our government would rather allocate funds to frivolous projects than fund research and inventions. God will help us.

  3. If the guy is still in Nigeria, his brain would have frozen up caused by too muchor many witches, wizards, pepersoup, gulder, bureaucracy, quota system, etnic system, political affiliation, corruption, nepa, light, boss abuse, biogomy, nepotism, owanbe, prof handout fee, etc

  4. Donald Trump says he’s sending all of them back to Nigeria,a development that would have transformed the Nation and taken America centuries backward.Unfortunately Donald Trump is unelectable.

  5. Good, our government should give our youth an opportunity to showcase their talent.We have many talent here in Nigeria but there is no encouragement/facility to develop self as in DIASPORA.government should invest in research and development to bring the best out of our youth.

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