Celebrity Wife Beater looks happy after Court to answer charges against him

This is Jude Izuakor, the man who allegedly brutalized his wife and left her with a deep cut on the forehead. He appeared before the Magistrate court, Kirirkiri this morning to answer to charges of wife battering filed against him.

woman beater

He seems to be looking happy in court. Humanrights activist, Joe Okei-Odumakin shared the photo on her Instagram page and wrote “Celebrity wife beater, Jude Izuakor in court today. In ego defense…lol.”



  1. Forming “macho man” on such stupid act? Anyway, some people look like men but they are “toy boys”. May be a cage will suit him better.

  2. The man is not responsible,no same after brutalized your own wife you are still happy he is still happy. Then let him happy as he goes to KIRIKIRI MAX PRISON

  3. He should have an orientation to know that whoever beat his wife is beating himself. Pity him for growing up in a wrong environment.

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