(Watch Video) “Revoke your licence to preach law or die” Pastor threatens Governor El-Rufai

According to newsmen, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM), with headquaters in Auchi, Edo State and President of Celebration TV has rained curses on Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, over his directive that pastors and churches must be licenced to preach.

Watch video below:

Recently, Governor El-Rufai sent a bill to the State House of Assembly to regulate religious preaching across the state.

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The bill titled: “A bill for a law to substitute the Kaduna State religious preaching law, 1984” is also aimed at banning the usage of loudspeaker for religious purposes “other than inside a Mosques or Church and the surrounding areas outside the stipulated prayer times.”


Government wanted the Assembly to enact the law that will stop the playing or circulating of “all cassettes, CDs, flash drives or any other communication gadgets containing religious recordings from accredited preachers other than inside one’s house, porch, Church, Mosques and other designated place of worship.”

The bill seeks to ban sales or playing of any cassette containing “religious recordings in which abusive language is used against any person or religious organisation or religious leaders (past or present).”

The bill, if pasted into law, will prohibit sales of religious books, usage of abusive and derogatory terms in describing any religion.

The bill propose that any person found guilty of preaching without a valid licence and other offences under the law “shall be liable to two years in prison or pay a fine of N200, 000.”

Although Pastor Suleiman did not oppose sanitising the state in many areas, he was angry about the issue of “preaching by licence.”

Suleiman said further that there were men of God before El-Rufai was governor and there will be men of God after he leaves. “Why not tell herbalists to obtain licence before they practise their herbalism? Why not tell witches that they need licence to fly?”, the pastor asked rhetorically.


He added that asking a pastor to obtain licence is against the Constitution of Nigeria, “When you say licence, you are acting against freedom of worship”. He asked the governor to stay off his plan, “unless you want your cabinet to reduce…people may just sleep without waking up”.



  1. That’s my papa touch me by error die by correction.we can’t obtain licence to worship or preach gospel that governor should watch what happened in the days of daniel.shikena

  2. This man makes me laugh? Are you God? Do you have authority or control over any person’s life? If you don’t then Insha Allah nothing will happen to El’ Rufa’i. As a man of God you should learn to gauge your tongue and avoid threatening the lives of others. Just caution the Governor if you think he is wrong or has crossed the boundary.

  3. I object to the issue of license, but strongly support the ban on noise making using speakers!! The Latter constitutes very serious environmental nuisance! I don’t have to shout before my God hears and answers me! Atimes, I don’t even open my mouth to talk with my God, because He sees the heart!!!

  4. U dont toy with prophets’ declaration.It is a command,”go ye into d world and preach d gospel”.El Ruffai or Roughian cant stop dat mandate.Prove stubborn and die.

  5. The way the pastor reacted make me to think that Gov. El Rifai is a better man of God.

    Yes, it is God’s command that men should preach the WORDS. But nowhere it is written that you should rain abusive words on others with a different belief. You also not doing the right thing when become nuisance to others in the name of preaching when actually you are just looking for your daily bread.

    If license is introduced, it should be issued and regulated by religious bodies or FBOs. So no fear for genuine Preachers.

  6. The question is who is to issue the license considering the diversity of various religion with different denominations. Boldness to preach the word either Christian or Moslem comes from callings and who determines this calling when license is introduce before preaching .

  7. El Rufaii u are beginnig to bite more than u can chew. U are very arropgant as small as u are. No regard for any body but u dare not challenge ur creator or the result will be disastrous. U can never rule Kaduna for ever. The highest u will remain there is 8 yrs so be mindful of what u do while still in power.

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