Naira feels more pain against the Dollar in the parallel market

The Nigerian currency has depreciated against the dollar in the parallel market as the country endures economic turbulence.  See a screenshot of the value against othe currencies:

naira dollar3

The value of the naira in the black market has suffered a slight setback against the dollar as the value stands at N321. We pray things kick off pretty soon.



    • God has already delivered you only need to support the current administration for total deliverance. We have to change our thought and approach towards realization of change opted for.

  1. The Naira is even still resilient despite the fact that the Federal Government hasn’t done and is not doing anything about it’s survival and strengthening! I pray God not to allow it go into terminal ailments like cancer, Ebola, lassa and hiv-aid! Right now it’s only suffering from acute or severe malaria!

  2. When the people in power have chop all d naira finish…why won’t it depreciate…those wicked souls will surely eat their own heads too…

  3. Why are people looking for dollar, is it a Nigeria currency? Would America allow us to spend naira in their country so why are we spending dollar in this country. We must be crazy.

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