So many people hate me, says Justin Bieber

Pop music star Justin Bieber ranted on stage that ‘so many people hate’ him for being himself, during an impromptu performance at the 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood, California, on Saturday March 19.

The ‘Sorry’ hitmaker admitted he was ‘drunk’ but insisted wasn’t going to embark on a lengthy tirade like those rapper Kanye West is known for.

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The 22-year-old pop sensation began: ‘Yo, you guys havin’ a good night tonight?

‘I’m not going to give like a 30-minute speech because ‘I’m not Kanye West’.

Justin then explained the ‘reason’ he thinks he is vilified.

He went on: ‘I think people hate on people who are themselves, you know? Maybe I’m drunk or maybe I’m just speaking real s**t, but I feel like a lot of the reason why there’s so many people that hate on me is ’cause I’m just myself.’

Video footage taken by a member of the audience shows the star perched on the DJ booth, gripping the microphone and wearing his hoodie over his head.

At one point he drunkenly slips off the booth and has to be helped back up by security.

In the short clip, obtained by ‘Entertainment Tonight’, he continued to talk about why people should be ‘spontaneous’ and not care if they are hated.

He added: ‘You know, you can hate on me for being myself, too, but… if you just are yourself and are OK with just being yourself and making spontaneous decisions and just, like, wearing whatever you want to wear and doing whatever you want to do we’re going to make bad decisions sometimes, but we ultimately want to make good decisions.

‘So let’s try to make the best decisions as we possibly know how to give and have a good night!’

The star then took selfies with pals at the show, including Marilyn Manson, and posted them to Instagram, with one captioned: ‘Night out in la with the boys.’



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