I’m ready for trial, Saraki tells Tribunal

Senate President Dr. Abubakar Olubukola Saraki yesterday told the Code of Conduct Tribunal prosecuting him on falsification of assets charges brought against him by the Federal Government that he was now fully ready for trial to prove his innocence.

Saraki said that although he would have wished that due process of law was followed by government before putting him on trial, nonetheless, he said that he was ready to engage his accuser in law at the tribunal.

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The reaction of the Senate President though his counsel and former Attorney General of the Federation Chief Kanu Agabi SAN followed the ruling yesterday by the tribunal that it has jurisdiction to try the charges against Saraki.

“We are the one being suspected of wrong doing and we are ready to establish the fact that we are innocent of the charges even though we are convinced that the right thing has not been done as far as the charges are concerned,” Agabi said.

The Senate President had challenged the competence of the criminal charges brought against him by the federal government, insisting that the charge was politically motivated and in bad faith.

The tribunal chairman, who said the trial would go on however said that the failure of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to meet certain conditions precedents before putting Saraki on trial was not weighty enough to discharge him and strike out the trial.

However, an obvious supporter of Saraki who was in the court and expressed sadness in the judgement said it was clear there was influence in the judgment following the way and manner the judge read the judgement.

Said he, “ In a manner that may have showed that he was not familiar with the content of the handwritten judgement, you could see that the Tribunal Chairman, Umar, blundered throughout the 30 minutes of his reading of the judgment as he stopped sometimes to either correct some words or explain the position espoused in certain paragraphs. Clearly, this is nothing but a political trial and it is dangerous for our democracy”.



  1. Saraki Olubukola, should be ashamed of himself!!!!! He thought he can intimidate the Judges and the Nigerian Constitution by bringing 70 and 80 lawyers to his Defence, to delayed his trial with all his propaganda tactics???? Nooooo Nigerian has open eyes and no one can play games with our Judicial system any more. So the issue of political motivated is out of it, He violated the party rules and he think he can get away with it because he has money? Noooooo way man

  2. Saraki should be judge accordingly, to show that Nigerian constitution has no respect for anyone, and if they can analyse his salary and how he acquired the money to pay the 80 lawyers defending him, we will see more story about him.
    This man is not fit to be Senate President, because he is not competent for the position, this is man who collapse the Bank under his watch and became two term governor and senate president without any merit, Which way Nigeria??? and he is also anti- progress to the present government and Nigerian progress but pretending to be part of it. Camelon Saraki.

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