Political leaders call for dismissal of Saraki’s CCT trial

According to reports, some  political leaders in the North-Central zone and members of civil society organizations, yesterday called for the dismissal of the ongoing trial of the Senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT.


The political leaders on the platform of Leaders of Thought, North Central Zone, at a briefing in Ilorin, rejected the CCT’s judgment of March 24, 2016. The spokesman of the group, Senator Ahmed Mohammed, called on President Muhammadu Buhari, not to be care-free to the alleged injustice and abuse of legal system in the country by the chairman of the CCT.

According to them, “We have refrained from speaking about the trial of the President of the Senate Dr Bukola Saraki before the Code of Conduct Tribunal because of our belief that it was an issue that would stand the test of truth, equity and justice. But it has become significant to raise our voice at this juncture not only for posterity, but because of the pronouncement of Justice Danladi Umar which established clearly that double standard is reigning supreme”.

Justifying their call for president president’s intervention, Mohammed noted that Saraki did not only deliver Kwara State 100% to All Progressives Congress, APC, in the last general elections, he was a pillar in the North central.

Also speaking, the secretary general of the Coalition of Civil Society Organisation, Basambo Abubakar, said the senate president represented the face of Nigerian youths and students, contending that Dr. Saraki was the face of tomorrow for Nigerian students and youths.

Abubakar, said “In the six geo-political zones of Nigeria, APC used to have only one Governor in Nasarawa before Kwara joined. Today APC rules in all the states of North central for the party, courtesy of the outstanding role he played with others. There is no other zone that came from one out of six governors to six over six today. APC also has the most number in National Assembly, state Assemblies and local councils.”



  1. Sai Baba be wise! the so-called leaders want the president to commit an offence for which he can be impeached?

  2. Why all this agitation? It is just an allegation, let him proof himself to all Nigerians that he his a true leader . Nobody above the rule of law.

  3. For goodness why dont you want him to go and prove his innocence at the tribunal if he indeed he has done nothing wrong.???????
    He has hired all the lawyers in the world including a former Attoiney General.
    Let him go and argue his case and prove innocence.

  4. The trial of Saraki is about the abuse of position while he was a governor of kwara State, and this is a very high level of criminal case, So why must he not answer to it???, The so called political leaders think that you owned Nigeria? No you dont!!! Nigeria is for all Nigerians and if someone is put in a position Nigeria and he abused that position- he should be to explain to the law why! and the law of the land should have no respect for anyone be you rich or poor, we should be equal before the law why then Saraki matter should be treated different? is it because is rich? so he’s above the law? where is the rule of law in Nigeria and true justice? So the law is for the poor and the so called rich can do anything and go away with it? Please be sensible the so called political leaders, because he delivered kwara state to APC, then all his abuse of position should be over looked????. If the government is trying to do the right thing political should support and not saying all this rubbish talk again please.

  5. Only Political leaders who is birds of the same feather will want Saraki’s trial to be stop, Rogue, barao, Ole, and self centred and greedy leader who only think of himself and his family alone will say what the political leaders was saying, if you love Nigeria as your country you will want justice to prevail, all the western world that are prosecuting a crime of 1970s are they stupid? Wake up all you greedy political leaders and see the lights of the New Nigeria.

  6. The Beginning of Corruption of the Highest Level and The Beginning to President Buhari Government Failure !!!

    We are watching !!! Big Disappointment !!!

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