Olamide Baddo found hanging out with pals in front of a few green candy trees … more photos

“The Abule Sowo Crooner” has never been afraid to rep his set. Baddosneh himself, who is a known member of Bariga Origins, doesn’t just show love for his music, also for his pals.

olamide atl

olamide atl1

In the Photos, he is found hanging out in front of a few green candy trees with fellow riders. He took to his Instagram account to post snapshots he took from courtside trees relaxation joints. In one of the candid shots, the trio display some serious looks on their faces as  Olamide Baddo captioned the photos: Slight work @iamshizzi @djenimoney 🙏🏽



  1. Watch your back bro, remember the greats, Tupac and co…. you are in a wild terrain remember the son of whom you are!

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