Drama as Husband locks wife outside, engages girlfriend in hot S.ex

A woman has narrated how her husband keeps humiliating her by bring his girlfriend to their matrimonial home and engage in s*x while locking her outside.



A Harare man has done the unthinkable after he allegedly forced the wife to sleep on the verandah while he engages his new girlfriend in hot s*x romp in their matrimonial home. The wife who dragged him to court, revealed that this is not the first time the man is doing so.

Nicholas Nyamapfeni allegedly told his wife, Unity Kandemiri, that he wanted his girlfriend to be his new wife. So, he locks her outside each time he wants to have s*x with the girlfriend.

The wife identified as Kandemiri who is now seeking a protection order against Nyamapfeni, told Harare Civil Court magistrate, Mrs Barbra Mateko that Nyamapfeni also assaults her despite having a previous protection order against him. She revealed that the man has continued to use her as his punching bag.

“He is constantly assaulting me despite me having acquired a protection order against him last year,” Kandemiri said.

“He locks me outside the house and I sleep on the veranda while he his having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend whom he said he wants to be her new wife. He said no court ruling or order of what sort can stop him from assaulting or abusing me,” she said.

Mrs Mateko then gave a default judgment and ordered Nyamapfeni to stop abusing Kandemiri in any way and to allow her into their house until they are procedurally divorced.



  1. The man dey mad. make him come try that kind rubbish for Naija, see if him & that him GF no go catch fire inside that house.

  2. Anything goes in this world. In Africa. We do not kill women, all we do is marry them. In the western world they are fund of killing women. Let the gentleman stop assaulting the first woman. I think her complain really is the physical assaults, she may not be against his taking another wife.

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