(18+) I feel so ashamed, men run away from me that i smell badly – Young lady, 19 who slept with 50 year old man cries out for help!

A pretty young lady has cried out after she discovered that her private part keeps smelling even after maintaining a good hygiene. She’s pleading for help to overcome her situation as men now run away from her.


Dear ALF readers, I need help. I am a 19 year girl, very beautiful but I have a very serious smell down there. I can even smell it myself and it makes it difficult for me to let my boyfriends have s*x with me because once they find out they leave me.

I am now dating a 50 year old man and he only want as to do d*ggy style and I know it’s because he wants to cover his nose with a towel. I caught him covering his nose while we were busy and he said he got sinuses when I asked him why.

I always wash my v*gina 2 times a day and it looks clean every time but the smell can’t go away. Please, help me. It makes me ashamed.



  1. See a gynecologist, it is an infection. Washing every minute is not going to solve the problem. Don’t kill yourself dear, seek help medically, Act fast.

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