I Bought Se.x Enhancement Drugs, Still Didn’t Satisfy Toyin Aimakhu – Ex-lover, Seun Egbegbe Blasts

Estranged lover of Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, and CEO Ebony Films, Seun Egbegbe, has reacted to the ongoing rift between them.


The crack in their relationship started when news circulated that Egbegbe allegedly beat up Aimakhu, a claim which the actress vehemently denied.

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As the rift between the separated lovers lingers, the movie marketer who says he is still pained by the disgraceful manner in which Aimakhu dumped him, opened up on a few ills about her saying, ‘she is never satisfied.’

In a chat with Encomium magazine, Egbegbe said but for him, the actress would not have met fame.

He said, “I used to eat that small girl before she ever dreamt of acting. I introduced her to my friend that was how she found fame.

“To be honest with you, I deflowered her long before she met that toy boy; mark my words, she will never settle because there is nothing you give her that will satisfy her.

“I used yoyo bitter and every bitter herbs in the market but my performance never satisfied her.

“What else does she want from me? I have my life to live please let her go forever,” he added.

Debunking the claims that he ‘kidnapped’ Aimakhu from her ex-husband, Egbegbe said, “First, I never snatched Toyin Aimakhu from any body.

“Toyin and I have not just known each other. We have been dating ever before she knew her husband (Adeniyi Johnson, whom she also divorced).

Recall that in November 2015, Aimakhu started dating Egbegbe as her marriage to Johnson hit the rocks.

The actress had divorced Adeniyi Johnson on grounds that he cheated on her.

Despite several pleas from Johnson, the actress moved on with her life and eventually met Egbegbe whom she is no longer dating.

Speaking further, Egbegbe said, “She wasn’t with her husband anymore before we rekindled our romance.

“Why would they say I kidnapped my girlfriend? If Toyin wasn’t on movie location, that means she was with me and anytime she’s through at the location she comes back to my house,” Egbegbe quipped.



  1. Seun Egbegbe u don’t know wat u are doing bcos no matter how a Lady will provoke u and u will go on pages and be saying all dis rubbish concerning the lady. My advice for u is that u should better wise-up becos it seems u are not matured yet

  2. This guy is talking out of pains. This is the type of dirt a woman gets by condescending because of material gain to follow a thrash guy like Seun Egbegbe. Hope Toyin has learnt a bitter lesson from this. Seun, you have only proven to belong to the gutter class.

  3. it was all luv DAT brot u togeda y r u spoiling her now, r u not ashem DAT a man who claim to b as hansom as u r cnt b a man on bed, she is a woman and is your place to make sure she is satisfied n filled before u let go, der is a different between fucking a woman, sexing a woman n making luv with a woman. is a pity u just told other ladies out der that u can’t perform. u r a big educated fool.

  4. There’s something you didn’t buy, Mr Egbegbe. You should have bought her a sex machine and all your problems would have been completely taken care of

  5. You don’t know what you are doing for saying all this rubbish to your girlfriend that you have already spent most of your time with it’s bad if you don’t see someone to tell you

  6. Everyone that grew up in Ikeja won’t b supriseD Seun z runnin his mouth again. As 4 Toyin, she got wat she d’serv cos “Flirt-wise”, Niyi z far better than Seun…… Wrong “rebound” 4 her. Biko!!!!!!….. make I go buy Petrol jere!!

  7. Please shut up and stop washing ur dirty linens in public . Ati iwo ati Toyin, there seem to be no atom of Shame in both of you .

  8. I hope Toyin has learnt from this? Go and reconcile with Johnson to prevent this kind of mess in your life. Ask those who have been married for years and they will tell what they have seen and they still remain there. It is not always rosy.

  9. It very unfortunate dt d lady fell into ur trap again. Now i cld understand why one of her fans was bitter abt her falling in love wit a person of ur type. The person’s had actually address it all try to b a man, u shd be ashamed of the rubbish u vomited. Ur vomit has really depicted that u are an area boy

  10. Toyin is very stupid for leaving his husband, can you now see nobody is perfect. Well I think you have learnt you lesson.

  11. Seun! You are a disgrace to the class of guys u belong! How on earth would u be mocking yourself and thinking you are mocking Toyin? She’s a lady for God sake and whatever she has done wrong was caused by both and her former husband. You both lack the ability and capability to manage a woman. Its a shame for saying this jargon about somebody you had spent nice time together before. Please think and reason like a real man. Toyin should remember that only a useless padlock is being open by many keys! Wise up before you lost all respect due for a woman.

  12. What wrong with this world? Imagine this two over grown babies talking rubbish on the pages of newspaper, hey grow up and to believe some fish brain would make this ones their role model, just wondering what we would call sex by 2060, rubbish no respect nor regard for the institution of marriage

  13. Toying Herself is not mature and reserve.Most time when I am reading any articles or comments from her,she does not always sound reserve.That I don’t care attitudes is always emernating from Her.She should try to maintain a low profile.As for egbegbe He is stupid indeed.

  14. Hmmm! Seun is a child in a grown man suit. A spoilt brat that’s throwing tantrums because his toy has been taken from him. O ma se oooo.

  15. Wao! This guy must have gone through hell to be singing like keneri like this, is he just realising that some babes are insatiable? Looking at this babe, she looks like one that will have the rod inside from night to morning. You should have tried vibrator.

  16. This guy seun is an ass. Who cares what you used or use since you are not man enough to satisfy a woman in bed without using Viagra. What a disgrace to manhood. And least I forget, Shut up the hell up!

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