Housemaid caught cleaning her pr!vates with Napkin which she uses to wash Boss’ dishes .. more photos

A Housemaid was caught on camera using the napkin she uses in cleaning her pr!vate part to wipe the dishes of her boss before serving food as an act of wickedness.

housemaid clean

housemaid clean3

housemaid clean2

housemaid clean1

This is clearly a case of a disgruntled domestic worker who took her anger to new, disgusting levels. The House-help was actually caught on camera proudly wiping her v@gina, legs, body sweat and ear wax with the same cloth she is cleaning her employers’ dishes with.

This has been described as very disgusting and her major motive is currently unknown. The story has been making rounds on Facebook with limited details about the location it took place.



  1. hmmmm! From my experience two things can lead to this kind of evil(1) she is being treated like a slave. Let me ask why bring someone into your house when u know you don’t like the person? She does everything for you, you are putting your family in danger, if you cannot see them as part of you send them out. Treat them nicely so the moment they plan evil for you it backfires. (2) some of them are naturally wicked, you cannot please them.

  2. I agree with Maris on this one. The first possibility is the usual scenario. We leave our lives in the hands of people we treat as dirt. What do we expect? I know of a maid who infected the entire household with HIV and fled. All she needed do was mix her infected blood with their food. Avoid a maid if you can and if have to please treat them well, they were born just like you and they had no choice in the determination of their parents just like you were lucky to be in a position to be on this forum. God in his infinite mercy and understanding did not create man equal. If He did, there will be no maids, drivers, vulcanizers etc. Somebody must be somebody’s boss. We have a duty towards the less privileged for this reason. Man is equal only in spirit.

    • Thanks Dodo, I have two girls in my house,I cannot talk to them the way I talk to my kids when they do wrong, we take them along for family dinner n allow them order what they like, we watch movies together n discuss it later .one knows how to make hair,she does my children’s hair n we pay her extra for that,she said no but i insisted she must take d money cos it was not Part of her work. Just do your best to make them happy,I don’t call them maid,they have names,I introduce them as my younger ones n some will say this one looks like me. I do my best n allow God to watch my family.

  3. If we must blame a thief for stealing, we must equally blame the farmer for planting his yam very close to the road because he made the yams easy target for stealing. Before we put all the blame upon the poor girl, let us ask the madam how she had been treating her. Remember, if a provoke house boy can not fight his wicked master strength by strength. He injured the master favourite goat.

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