What are the first things you’d change if you were elected as Nigerian President … Video Clip views from Nigerians

Few hours back, AdeLove VoxPop Crew had another record breaking ratings, and for good reason as usual. But one of the stand-out moments was seeing fellow Nigerians giving an opportunity to speak their minds exactly what would happen the first few days if would served as Nigerian President.

Their plans were spot on. Nigerians give their opinions on what they would change if they were elected president. How about you? What would you do if elected as Nigerian President right now? Share your thoughts!




  1. I will make our Refineries to work but if I try & see that they cannot work efficently in their present state mainly due to obsolescence,I will sell them off and encourage those who had been issued licenses to build Refineries to do so without further delay. I will also remove fuel subsidy mainly bcos the way it’s operated is laced massively with corruption. I will not at this point consider changing the manner it is being administered bcos the already entrenched thieves along the Subsidy implemantation chain will never allow me get my desired result immediately. I will also remove subsidy to encourage the private people to establish refineries.

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