DPO who beat up female traffic warden been demoted – IGP Arase

According to reports, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in charge of Ikenne Division area of Ogun State, Patrick Onwu, who beat up a female traffic warden for flagging down his private car at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC filling station, IBB Boulevard, Abeokuta, last week has been demoted.


The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, on Thursday ordered his demotion and immediate transfer of the DPO. Patrick Onwu, last Wednesday went wild and beat a female traffic officer, Inspector Anifat Bello to coma for allegedly stopping his private vehicle.

According to reports, the DPO was on mufti and had allegedly disobeyed the traffic law. He allegedly pounced on the traffic warden, Inspector Anifat Bello, who was discharging her official duty.

According to eyewitnesses, he beat her to coma. He then drove his car into a nearby filling station, FATGBEMS, also along the road, parked his vehicle and changed into his uniform. It was learnt that Anifat Bello been severally honored for her dedication to duty.



  1. Stopping only at demoting this thug in police uniform is a mockery of our justice system and a shame to Nigeria as a nation
    The battering of this female traffic warden amount to assault occasioning bodily harm and the breaking of traffic rule is also a clear contravention of the law
    This aggressive guy,Onwu, should be charged to court for assault and to the mobile court for traffic offenders
    The way this criminal case is handled further goes to confirm the disgraceful spate of lawlessness in our society
    Any nation where the rule of law is relegated to the backdround can never really develop

  2. I salute the IGENPO for his swift reaction to the barbarity of Mr Onwu. Others Officers of Mr Onwu’s ilk still in Uniform should take a lesson from this development.

  3. Police commissioner of victoria, Australia was stopped and fined for speeding, he didn,t beat up his junior officer but apologised to the public paid his fine and donoted same amount to charity. That is how powerful people in civilized communities behaves, not power drunk. Sometimes they resign for breaking the law if the people wants. Take a cue Nigeria, public officers are servants of the people not bullies to people!

  4. I totally agree with the call for the sack and prosecution of Onwu. He is a disgrace to the ethics of his profession and should be ashamed of himself.
    IGP pls sack him.

  5. WHY DID HE GO TO CHANGE TO HIS UNIFORM AFTER ASSAULT IN MUFTY? I guess that is what COWARDS do, so that the public would not easily lynch him!

  6. That DPO must be dismissed, and the traffic warden to sue the DPO, then, the NPF Inspector General of Police to take legal action against that DPO; the said DPO did not beat or insault the traffic warden alone, but the IG. The traffic warden on his official business was there representing the Inspector General of Police.
    If a member of the public has done this to this poor traffic warden, what would you do? Please take a legal action against the DPO

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