Amazing! Mother and Daughter Make History by Graduating Same Day From Same University (Photo)

A mother and her daughter have made history by graduating with degrees in Pharmacy in the same year from the same institution, iMzansi reports. Nozibele Mpanga, a traditional healer, and her 29-year-old daughter Nolindo were capped at the University of the Western Cape.


The mother had decided to go back to school at the age of 56, a choice that inspired her daughter to add another feather to her cap.  The slimkoppe, who live in Khayelitsha, have been burning the midnight oil together for the past four years.

Nozibele started studying in 2011, after she was diagnosed with cancer and was healed.

She says she wanted to marry her gifts as a traditional healer and modern medicine.

Nozibele tells the Daily Voice: “I have always had the gift of healing and became a traditional healer at age 11. “In Xhosa, you are a pharmacist because you can pick herbs and administer them but I wanted to also understand the science behind it.

“I had cancer of the oesophagus in 2011 and it was in the third stages and was malignant but I healed and I believe it was because of my faith and of course the medicine.”


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