Crazy!See Man Caught Selling Kerosene Mixed with Palm Oil as Fuel (Photo)

A heartless man who wanted to take advantage of Nigerians by selling kerosene mixed with palm oil as fuel to unsuspecting motorists has been arrested.  This is the face of the man caught selling kerosene mixed with palm oil as fuel.


The fuel crisis that has lingered for a longtime has revealed another side of some Nigerians who are very eager to make money. A man was caught by the police recently selling kerosene mixed with oil to unsuspecting car owners as fuel. The wicked man was apprehended by the police with evidence of his evil acts.

Many Nigerians are wondering if some are not doing worse just to make money and take advantage of others by engaging in such nefarious activity. Nigerians have now wondered when this suffering will end.



  1. Instead of beating him they should ask Engineering to tell u the mixing ratio nothing spoil in Lagos/Nigeria

  2. That boy suppose to be encouraged, for him to use his talent to produce more for the betterment of the country, instead of tourchuring him, that is the reason why white people has knowledge over Africans, if it is white people they will sponsore that guy to become useful in the society.. But in African nothing like that…

  3. You see what I’m always saying? BUHARI’S FAILURE TO DO HIS JOB has made innocent citizens source for evil means of making money. If Buhari had made petrol available at a cheaper rate, this would never happen.

  4. Lord have mercy! See what fuel scarcity has made this wicked soul to do? Sorry for people who have patronized him already.

  5. Fuel Scarcity- 2 months and counting is now the new normal- bearing in mind this is Africa’s largest crude producer. What feat! Impressive achievement! Those guys at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources sure do know their onions, don’t you think?
    Competent leadership and know-how at its finest!

    Congratulations Mr President!
    Keep up the good job.

  6. Let us be patient for ever. PMB never told us we would have to wait till kingdom come before problems created by whoever will be solved. However, they say we need to be patient. Am waiting to hear good news one day.

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