Yvonne Okoro Donated Bore Hole to Walewale community

Yvonne Okoro ,Nollywood actress has puts smiles on the faces of children, women and the entire community of Walewale, by providing them with borehole drinking water. See Photos below:




The people of Wungu for decades have embarked on a daily 3km walk to fetch drinkable water to feed their families. Award winning Ghanaian-Nigerian actress, Yvonne Okoro commissioned a borehole for the use of this community with historic roots. This donated borehole will become the area’s main water source.

Speaking during the commissioning, the award-winning actress said “we hope this will trigger more discussion on how to help more rural communities. Lack of safe drinking water is one of the world’s leading problems. We want to put an end to clean water scarcity in West Africa”

The commissioning ended with a Nursery School visit where she spoke to the youngsters about ‘dreaming big’ and not being defined by their current circumstances.




  1. she try but could ave done better d borehole na suffer-head, c’mon we are not in d not the eighties…..d borehole make me remember my NYSC days for Jigawa

  2. Meanwhile her colleagues here are showing their new bags, shoes and cars.. That doesn’t benefit anybody except creating jealousy and envy.

    Thumbs up Yvonne.

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