Man who rapes teenagers in Nigeria …. See video Clip

Should a man who has been charged committing a lewd and lascivious act on a child under the age of 14 faced 200 year jail term or have his genital cut off?

What hardcore punishment would you called for if you happened to be the Judge presiding over this case? What’s your input?



  1. Any man who rapes a teenager or rape a woman as it is, should have his genitals chopped off. If a man behaves like an animal to do so, then he should be treated like an animal.

  2. Years of inprisonment will tell too much on public pulse/funds. I suggest he should be CASTRATED, cheaper and safer. He is a cheap lowly being anyway.

  3. No punishemt should too much for rapist in my opinion , the fact that they are taking someone dignity, forcing her against her will it’s big crime . In western world if you sleep with your wife against her will , you will spend more than 5yrs in jail. We should learn how to respect our women too.

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