Teebillz’s First Wife ‘Speaks Up’… more photos

Kenea Udoh who is the first wife of Tunji Balogun also known as Teebillz has resurfaced on social media after Tiwa Savage’s revealing interview video took over the Nigerian media space yesterday. Read what she wrote: “Relaxing, hope no one is looking for me”. See more photos:







The first wife of Tiwa Savage’s husband, Tunji Balogun seems to have shown up in the midst of the marriage drama via social media. Reports have it that she maybe definitely laughing out loud right now as regards her post on her Instagram account after Tiwa Savage’s interview broke the internet.

Reliable reports also have it that Teebillz has three baby mamas, and Kenea Udoh is the first with two kids for Teebillz. Before now, Tiwa Savage had been accused of snatching Teebillz from Kenea.

Kenea is currently based in London with her kids. Kenea has been laying low for a while now until Tiwa Savage and Teebillz saga began. She took to her IG to stylishly mock Tiwa Savage perhaps after watching the interview as assumed by social media users.



  1. Na wa oo.. wonders shall never end in this life. Do me i do you, so tiwa broke someones family and she did not think it would come back to her

  2. I said earlier that Tiwa has shot herself too badly by that interview. I would advise her to keep calm and speachless for save herself of further embrassment she has caused.

  3. Lot of flaws in Tiwa’s recent interview. How can she say she can take lie detector to prove her innocence? The only lie detector we have in Nigeria is by swearing an oath with Ogun or God of thunder

  4. This TeeBling or weting them they call you… you be original gbese o. You just they grind different women for floor as if you they grind pepper!

    Na only you they test different women like chewing stick anyhow, let all the baby mamas come up o,no more hiding…shio!

    You can break TuFace record ooo!

  5. Tiwa d guy cook 4 u chop, which kind error be dis. Well d error has been done so babe think of d way 4ward. 4get d man and move on. U can’t stop ur aspirations and dreams.

  6. Interesting. Baby mama every where. Chinekeeeee! Men don’t pay bride price again? Na to give belle and own the baby? The mama will now open ATM on the guy’s head. Wahoo! This is really good. Who no like better thing? Abeg Buhari, I want to be your baby mama. Ask adelove 4 my contacts.

  7. An example to all ladies who think they can do better than the first woman in a man’s life. A spoilt egg remains spoilt no matter how u cook it. The first woman was a ‘Baby mama’, the one crying now is a ‘wifel. So what is d difference? Law of Karma.

  8. Tiwa, it’s not too late for you to move on, life is too short, girl and stop washing your dirty on the social media

  9. The guy na professional, baby mama with two kids for him, another baby mama, and now Tiwa Savage as baby mama cum ex wife. Some people have guts shaa!
    Learnt it’s like father like son on one hand, and like mother like daughter in the other hand. Our society is truly breeding hooligans that have enough bucks to live their weird life. What does the future hold? You guess.

  10. Balogun Teebilz should repent give his life to Christ and go back to his first wife. Tiwa should do the same and hope her kind of man come her way. Maybe Don jazzy who knows.

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