Tiwa Savage finally addresses husband’s accusations … in an interview

Tiwa Savage, 36, Nigerian pop singer, in a video obtained by Pulse has addressed her husband’s shocking allegations made yesterday, Thursday, April 28, 2016. She said, she’s been covering up for so long. People can believe Tee Billz is the man of the house. Meanwhile, she’s been the one sponsoring and keeping the family. She’s the person hustling to put roof over the family. Since she gave birth to her Son, She said Tee Billz has never spent N1 naira, she paid for the hospital bill, she paid for the husband to come to UK, she paid for the house, groceries, clothes. Even while they were in London, she bought her husband, Tee Billz Designers clothes, Everything!

In the video interview, Tiwa Savage spoke about her husband and former manager Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun. Speaking on the same day of Tee Billz’s allegations at her home, the award winning singer said her marriage to her former manager was filled with infidelity, emotional abuse, drug use and mismanagement of funds.

Tiwa Savage admitted their marriage has been on the rocks for a while and she has covered up for a lot of his mistakes. “For the past 2 months me and TJ have not been together” revealed the singer.

In an emotional revelation she emphatically denied Tee Billz’s accusation that she had sex with Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy, her record label mate Dr. Sid and Nigerian music legend 2face Idibia. She even offered to take a lie detector test to show her honesty.

“I will say for the record I have never cheated on my husband, never, not with Don Jazzy, not with Dr. Sid, not with 2face, not with anybody. I am willing to take a lie detector test” said Tiwa Savage.

She also made claims that Tee Billz lives an expensive, wild and sadly unaffordable lifestyle which has embarrassed her several times. In the interview Tiwa Savage also mentioned that the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and his debtors are on the hunt for him because of his N45m alleged debt.

At the end, Tiwa in an emotional interview pleads with her husband, Tunji ‘TeeBillz’ Balogun to forgive her if she ever made him less of a man.

In near tears, Tiwa said, “If there is anything that maybe I overlooked, or didn’t love him enough, or made him less of a man, then I am sorry. I am absolutely sorry.

Tunji I am sorry. But you know I tried everything, you know I love you so much, and I am sorry, I never wanted to divorce, and I never wanted it to get to this. I want you to get better and I would always pray for you.”

Savage pouring out her heart in the interview, revealed TeeBillz never cared, was unconcerned about her health even when she got pregnant and lost the baby.

“I will never stop him from seeing Jamil, never. Even today, Jamil is still saying ‘dadada’, and I was saying it with him as well, that’s his first word. I want to bring him up to be a good man,” she said. Obviously, it’s a no going back for Tiwa who said she doesn’t care if she never marries again.



  1. @AdeLove, I live in NewYork, i know what i’m saying. Tiwa’s always known about the drugs, and they both smoke weed. She could not walk away from the marriage when she had nothing (so desperate to be rich), now she’s ready to walk away after been successful. You are not smart @tiwa

  2. Anyway this is not my business but it’s obvious she is lying. she even dressed like she wants people to pity her.

  3. But wait a minute, how can a lady not cooking for her husband? … Trust me, if you don’t do that for your husband, definitely you’be doing it for your Boss.

  4. Is this lady truly beautiful without makeup sef? Just See her okpolo eye plus the very long nails, won’t it scratch ur son? i just wonder

  5. What a big lie from the pit of hell. U are just trying to be emotional for nigerians to pity you. Do u cook for him? All u want is fame. yeye dey smell.

    • Did he cook for her? Is it only a woman that should cook and take care of a house? If he can’t bring in the money and can’t assist in the house, what’s his own standing in the relationship?

  6. Tiwa should stop faking being a nice lady. Nevertheless, trust me, i love u n I love ur music, but dis is Africa, ur home comes first, get dat,i hav seen u harras a police officer sometime ago… screaming on top your voice.. do you know who i am? But i tell you, if you try that also home.. you are definitely wrong because u are not in anyway bigger Dan ur husband no matter how big of a star u are.may d lord bless u and mend yur home Amen

  7. But how can a wife throw out her husband’s luggages and belongings because she pay for the roof? You will definitely regret being single. Mark my word. Husband is scarce

  8. Tee Billz is nothing but a selfish unemployed idiot who is jealous of her wife career and popularity. Thank God she divorced him already

  9. The Interviewer should please stay behind the scenes of PR and NEVER be asked to conduct an interview again. she’s so boring. Mtchceeww

  10. I totally believe her. Tee Billz must be a child. I m wondering how Tu face, Dr Sid and Don jazzy will be looking at tunji now….this guy is too flippant. too bad

  11. Tiwa, trust me. you won’t see Don Jazzy buying you another SUV jeep for a new marriage. Mark that off your wishlist

  12. Tiwa, You definitely saw these things. So why did you marry him? Most men would show their hand after dating for six months. Na you open eye korokoro carry everybody go Dubai go do sexy wedding. I bet you paid for your wedding. WHY? But why? nigerian women? WHy??

  13. Abeg give me fufu stick. i need to beat somebody. I felt like slapping that emotionless interviewer. Not even a single sympathy in her voice like she was there to just get the story so she can say “good for her.” hmm… SMH

  14. OMG! Why is this girl doing this? Are you both so hungry for attention? This is too early for an interview or defence

  15. But i smell a rat somewhere! How can you and your husband be sharing 60 – 40 from the business as your manager, Yet you pay for the roof, foods, clothes and everything. i’m not convinced!

  16. i support that sayings. It is a lie from the pit of hell. U r just trying to be emotional. Do u cook for him? It’s just a simple question

  17. My heart goes out to tiwa,pls be strong. My mind tells me this guy is jealous of tiwa, and wants to pull her down by all means,and he will end up pulling himself down.tiwa we love you,infact this has increased my love for u,ha okunrin, I fell like weeping

  18. Is this how someone who has been accused of having sex with Don Jazzy, Dr. Sid and whomever is supposed to react in an interview. She doesn’t look genuine at all and the interviewer should be ashamed of such poor interview. This social media stunt is really taking over our respectful culture. Shame on you Tiwa and Tunji but especially Tiwa because it seems u are the one lying. And a respectful married woman does not go clubbing

    • Onu, Eze are always out to attack Buhari in any place for supposed positive thoughts. An Igbo man would always display hatred for good of other tribes. What has Buhari got to do with this matrimonial affair?

  19. This is just too sad.
    Having a great marriage does take a lot of love, hard work and pragmatism.
    It’s so sad……. 🙁

  20. Well, this is expected when a wife provides for the family! If it were the other way round (the man providing everything), no one would hear about it!
    Men (and women) should know that it is unnatural for a wife to be providing for the husband. God did not make it that way! That is where I blame TJ. As for Tiwa, she is just being a woman. Simple!

  21. Tiwa my heart bleeds for you & TJ. I can understand your points because you are a woman, so TJ please be a man. Marriages only work when lots of effort is put into it especially by the two. Above all tolerance, sacrifices and faith in God is needed to keep it alive. Please, my advice to both of you is to keep your marriage out of the eyes of the public and friends. I wish God raise voices from both families to settle this on time with the intervention of a respectable man of God, things would work again for good between the two of you.

  22. May God mend your marriage and bring both of you to his light and the peace and joy that loving and living in his ways and commandments give. Please seek the face of God at this time and always. Peace to us all

  23. Maybe he ddn care about your health when you got pregnant and lost the baby because he believed the baby wasn’t his, and that you aborted it. Hence the lack of feelings.

  24. Marriage is a between two adults who have come to accept neither of them is perfect in character but perfect in potentials. The whole world was not consulted when they made their decision to come together, they have no business disturbing the world about the consequence of their decision. The most important issue about this event is that these two individuals are expressing the symptoms of neurosis or emotional imbalance. Unless they have an intervention from experts, similar events will repeat itself in their lives.

    Your choice of a partner is a reflection of the quality of your decision making system. And unless the quality of your system is improved, you will always attract persons of similar emotional configuration. The implication of this psychological phenomenon is quite profound, especially on the lives of their children, and the nation as whole. Just like it is impossible to produce a physical child without the contribution of a father and a mother. It is impossible to produce an emotionally balanced child without the contribution of two emotionally balanced, available, committed parents. Check out the background of these two couples and you will be amazed what you will discover as far as emotional configuration is concerned.

  25. @Sammy A, you no well. Lol. As for me oooh, Tiwa got it wrong by saying she is the one doing everything in the house. You don’t say such about your husband wether you are coming back to the marriage or not. You don’t let even your mother know who is bringing money or who is not bringing money let alone telling the whole world. This should be a personal thing. I expected you to talk about the allegations leveled against you. Women should please learn for one day on how to keep their marital affairs secrets even after divorce.

  26. TIWA&TJ would settle back only if dis climate change gets better..The heat is too much and cost of fuelling d gen has hit d family!!once d budget is passed things would improve for my brother TJ!Tiwa it takes two….Easy does it!

  27. I see all the happenings as psycho drama. When they finish getting psychotherapy they will come back to their senses.

    • Regxy, I agree with you absolutely, I want the Couple to know that Marriage based on the principles of Godliness aka Light and Truth will always endure and be successful. Money, wealth or whatever cannot guarantee a happy marriage without Godliness or spiritual wellbeing. I do hope the psycho drama ends very very soon for Tiwa and her darling husband Tunji.

  28. I heard Tiwa was born Brit, if it’s true then I will not take wot she’s saying very serious , my reason is that British girls are so smart to extent they can beat some lawyers in the dock.
    Let the family friends come out and tell us wots really happening. (Asukunrojo yio jare)

  29. Yes@ onu, blame buhari. Even when a child bedwets now , you blame buhari. Wat an odd world. Wonderful comments@cajaegbu. Dats d summary of d whole story. Tiwa may be be right, but shouldnt av exposed their shame to the world. Its not only tunjis shame but both of them. The world will simply laugh at dem as they are doing now. I pray that God will intervene. Tiwa ,learn something they callHUMILITY

  30. Tiwa this is too premature and too crude .. You never going to get sympathy or empathy from half of the people listening to all these you have narrated …

    You should have kept a dignified silence ..

    TJ and Some of his are hurt badly now and something terrible may still happen…
    If I were you I will not be speaking to a magazine that wants to use you to sell their news …

    Did you get paid for this interview ?

    Who’s is going to give you the N45 million Naira ?

    The story of him taking cocaine will hunt him and his family for ever ..

    • Thanks Shola for yours. Tiwa should have kept a dignified silence and let all the talkings go on. After a while, attention would have been shifted away from their affairs. Although the husband was also immature to call the public to their personal lives. The interviewer just wanted to sell their magazin.

  31. Tiwa sleep and wake up, you will realise u have shot urself too badly. Ur live can never be the same. Interview granted was a great mistake. God bless you.

  32. It’s very very unfortunate that they both have washed their dirty linen for the public to see. Hmmm. No more respect for each other, even if they decide to make it up again , they have already ridicule themselves. Only God knows who is telling the truth@d moment. To me…divorce is really not a solution and not recognised according to God’s standards. This whole thing is too early actually and very disgraceful. But why should they even allow the press in the first place? Many people and celebrities are going through worse cases than this but they don’t make it public. So many ugly things in marriages but it has been patience all the way……honestly it’s sad. may God help us all. Amen

  33. Wow, I realy feel 4 Tiwa, she has gone tru a lot 4 d sake of keepin her marriage n it’s sad it all ended dis way. I believe her 100% n identify wit d issues she raised abt TJ. We are breedin a generation of lazy men dis days (although d economy is also contributin 2 it) Men now c der women as passport 2 wealth. An average man is lookin 4 a sucessful lady or a lady 4rm a rich backgrd (i.e Dangote’s dota) so wen he can’t pay his bills, d lady wld settle it. I’ve seen my ex envying a friend of his dat married d daughter of a rich man n he also left me 2 marry d daughter of his father’s rich friend, bcos he’s. afraid of suferin wit a nobody. I dnt blame Tiwa, ders always societal pressure 2 get married n many women tend 2 overlook d flaws of men n jst jump in2 d marriage blivin tins wld wrk itself out afta d mariage. Also, dis fake lifestyle we like 2 live (called pakaging) buyin a jeep n rolex u can’t afford n ur wife lookin 4 moni 2 offset ur bill is jst ojukokoro. Dereafter, anoda 45m debt, haba dis TJ nids deliverance o. Stealin 4rm ur wife is also a sign of greed, u wre a manager who wld get 40% 4 doin notin n u still prefer 2 take all n tell ur wife 2 go n perform, no woman will take dat. Tiwa did well by sackin him as her manager, if not she may b bankrupt by now. I appreciate Tiwa’s sincerity 4 apologisin 4 her imperfections wen she was TJ’s wife, no body is above mistake n no one is perfect, TJ shld hve bin more matured in handlin d situation since he was once married n has a bit of xperience dan his wife. TJ u no try @ all, jst b ready 4 EFCC’s knok on ur door soon.

  34. May God help Tiwa at this critical moment of her life by the Grace of God you will overcome, be wiser and talk less, God bless you.

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