Nigerian arrested at Dubai Airport, attempts smuggle 8 forged passports hidden inside books … see photo

A Nigerian tourist has been arrested in Dubai for attempting to smuggle eight forged passports into the country hidden inside books. According to The Nationale, the unnamed Nigerian who is said to be 26 years old, was arrested on January 29th this year at the arrival lounge of the Dubai International Airport.

dubai nigeria passp

An Emirati customs inspector had noticed his bag was suspiciously thick and pulled him aside for questioning. “I saw a number of books in the bag and they looked suspicious,” said the inspector, adding that when he opened two books he found passports from Nigeria, Ghana, and Guinea hidden inside.

The first book had five passports in it while the second had three”the prosecutor of the case against the Nigerian was quoted as saying Officers from Dubai Police’s General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology said the data pages in the passports had been removed and new ones added. Entry stamps were also found to be forged.

The Nigerian man denied the forgery charge in the Dubai Criminal Court last month. However, he was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail to be followed by deportation.



  1. What’s our security officers doing in Nigeria that it was not detected before leaving Nigeria to Dubai.

    • @Halima, he must have bribed his way through. That means there’s still corruption in this country

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