Wow! Moment a police officer shot a suicidal man to save his life … see video clip

A man who was on the verge of committing suicide, has been saved in a very dramatic way by quick-thinking officers. This is the moment a well-timed shot of French police prevented the suicidal man from taking his life.

The suicidal man, a French citizen was armed with a shotgun and was trying to kill himself at his house as his wife was screaming desperately for help.

The police were quickly called and the officers cleverly positioned themselves on top on the neighbour’s house and aimed a shot at his thigh, which made him let go of the shotgun.



  1. Even a syco would kill himself close door or jumping in from of a train.
    Next the you want to kill yourself do it close door instead of showing off.
    God bless Nigerians worldwide

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