Tiwa Savage plans to Adopt more kids

After the messy drama that hit her home some days ago, Urban96FM has decided to release an interview they had with Tiwa Savage in the studio.It was gathered that, it was actually Tiwa Savage’s last interview before the drama started…just before she dropped “If I Start to Talk”.


Singer and mother of one talked about having just one more girl, then adopting lots of kids because ‘many children need a home’.

“I do want to have another one but it’s just that the thought of going through all of that again…because I really had a difficult pregnancy. I was throwing up the whole nine months, I was eating a lot. Even if I still have my own – by God’s grace I want a little girl – I will still adopt because a lot of children do need homes,” she said.

On if things have changed since having her baby, Tiwa said “Physically some things are south, more so than others but mentally I’m really happy. I’m more motivated…more so than ever before. I have this renewed strength and I think I’m more organized now because I have to make sure my son’s okay, my husband’s okay and I’m okay.”



  1. That’s my TIWA. I love you some more. It was obvious that she wasn’t ready for the drama and just wanted peace but its sad things went the other way.
    Be strong and keep doing what you’re doing. Your best is yet to come

  2. Wait until she is asked if don jazzy is the father of her son, and if she takes weeds n other hard drugs with her hubby n other stupid questions that lady asked Omawunmi then will see how she reacts

  3. This is a laudable idea and I commend Tiwa for this
    However I feel that there are other ways whereby Tiwa can give back to the society
    It may be better giving money to Orphanages and Foster homes
    But definitely No! to adoption as it is not in the best interest of the adopted child.
    An adopted child who is already socially disadvantaged in terms of the experience of separation from the biological parents for countless reasons, ranging from maternal death, illness, unwanted child just to name a few. Therefore this child has a complex background.
    Relocating this child with a complex background to be parented by a single parent, who has issues with a strained husband, other morality issues bordering on body exposure and a life style (celebrity) which does not give enough time to parenting added to the complexities that may be associated with being the child of a celebrity is not it. Adopted children don’t need further complications they need help!
    Tiwa can give back in several other ways and will still be a blessing!

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