Why Jonathan is better than Buhari when it comes to governing Nigeria – Fani-Kayode

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari over his style of governance. Fani-Kayode in an article, maintained that the current tide by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has put to rest his claims of the President and his party during the presidential campaign.


According to Fani-Kayode, “In less than one year I have been proved right in my continuous assertion that when it comes to running the affairs of our country President Goodluck Jonathan is by far the better man and the PDP by far the better party.

“That is what is paining them and that is what they cannot bear to hear. Now they seek vengeance and they wish to silence me yet I am prepared for the worse.

“The only thing that I underestimated was the high degree of malice that our president has for all his political adversaries and critics, the inexplicable pleasure that he derives in inflicting pain on the innocent, the strange delight he harbours in indulging in wickedness and the monumental incompetence he displays when it comes to administering the affairs of our nation.

The former Minister claimed that Buhari was more concerned about the total annihilation and “utter decimation of all his traducers.”

Berating the President over his ability to compete on the intellectual plain, Fani-Kayode stressed that Buhari is more particular of unleashing his “modern-day gestapo, with firm orders to fabricate, implicate, break, crush and destroy.

“In my world, a man is measured not by his ability to kill his subjects, to destroy his political opponents, to shed the blood of the defenceless, to throw the innocent in dungeons, to humiliate and persecute his adversaries, to abuse power and to pervert the judicial system but by the level of his humanity and his sense of decency, fairness, justice and restraint,” he said.



  1. Mad man U pple stole more than enough during Jonathan’s regime now.Why won’t u vomited that nonsense from ur mouth.

  2. When Jonathan was there, u people have more access to the country fund so why won’t u say jagones with ur duty mouth

  3. The truth is always bitter, but the fact is that it must be told. Though right thinking person cannot expect the likes of Goodluck’s regime considering the magnitudes of the flaws it committed, but neither can this snail movement set of leaders of today who are engulved in the ocean of nepotism, tribalism, hatrade, incompetent and wicked be harboured.

  4. I don’t like this guy at all. I know he can not perform up to Buari if he is opportune. What his saying is just fallacy.

  5. Barawo..!!! @Opeyemi, where were you when PMB was complaining about the judiciary? How they’re frustrating the pricess of prosecuting the crooks. Nigerians should rise against the judiciary because the are the most corrupt individuals in the society. So stop blaming PMB cos he is the best!

  6. I think some people’s comment just makes one laugh. Let’s keep praying for our president. God will direct him. But I don’t know how u guys think about open protest. There is need to come out and protest over so many issues in this country. When the military were in power I remember Nigerians used to protest on issues they were not satisfied with…how come we don’t do that in this democratic era that even allows it.

  7. Why not crawl out from your hole u snake. If u av nothing to fear visit EFCC and defend the allegations levelled against u.

  8. I have said it times without number that there is still traces of madness in Femi fani Kayode. What is actually paining him is that PMB and his APC government stopped their mindless and very wicked looting of our common wealth. I new that God actually loved this country, the day PMB was declared the winner of the election, on that day God actually put evil men like FFK to shame and in that shame will they remain if they do not repent, confess their sins, return all their loot, ask God for his forgivness and turn a new leaf,amen!

  9. Ole!!! , Look who is talking, Ole like his Father ‘the Power’ in the old Western region….You better keep your dirty mouth short before l open up for you….Barawo!!!!.

  10. Ffk should spear us these infantile vituperations.Even Jonathan dears not compare himself with Buhari.
    One year of sanity though amidst a transient hardship has produced more gains than the sixteen years of rudderless kleptomania.
    The galloping corruption of which Femi is a poster boy has reduced Nigeria to penury.Femi must be made to refund the stolen money and stop those tendentious expletives.
    Nigerians are wiser now.

  11. Thanks to God that Change came, our Naira would have be devalued even to no benefit. There would have been workers’ protest that would have led to total break down of law and order, resulting in Nigeria coming under military again since the heads of the forces have been corrupted to the annoyance of the infantries that were sent to fight Book Haram empty handed as weapon money had been shared amongst the Service Chiefs (thieves). Oh God thank You for our Nation.Asiwaju Tinubu, God will forgive U your sins and grant U LONG LIFE WITH GOOD HEALTH AND DIVINE PROTECTION FROM YOUR JEALOUS ENEMIES..GOD BLESS BUHARI WITH GOOD HEALTH TO SERVE NIGERIA TO HIS BEST ABILITY JN AMEN. THANKS THE

  12. Dis bastard from Ife i mean stupid boy FFk should be thrown into lions den just to silence him for life, cos der was a tym he said GMB very ok for d country. Now look at dat “omoale” sayn another thn again, anyway i dont blame him i will blame d press dat has always be given him attention to talk.

  13. Like father like son is it because Buhari administration exposed all your Lupe hole.
    You that suppose to be behind the bar at Kirikiri still get mouth to talk shameless man. Buhari is not like you people that doe not have conscience and fair of God he is taking his time to work gradually to move Nigeria forward. The shoe your father left same you put on useless man .You are a disgrace to IFE PEOPLE. Ole look at your back see EFCC you can run away.

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