We regret voting you as our Governor, forget second term – Benue citizens blast Samuel Ortom over comment

The Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom has come under heavy attacks by angry people of the state for ‘taking them for granted.’


Ortom had during an interactive session on Harvest FM, Makurdi, during the week, boasted that he was sure of winning his second term convincingly if God asks him to go ahead.

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Pastor Ortom, as he is known among his kinsmen, claimed that the people of the state were happy with him, even though the salaries of civil servants in the state are being owed for months.

However, his comment did not go down well with many citizens who described his 11 months in government as a complete disaster.

Some residents, who spoke with our correspondent in Benue, maintained that one of the greatest mistakes they made was to settle for Ortom as their Governor.

Others, who vented their anger on the social media, advised the Governor to concentrate on how to make Benue State better instead talking about 2019 election, which is still far away.

A resident of High Level who gave her name as Grace Vem argued that Ortom was never prepared for governance, hence his misfiring in the media.

She said, “If you carefully study how Pastor Ortom came on board you would understand that he was never prepared for the position he is occupying today.

One cannot point out any meaningful thing he has achieved since assuming power and he is there telling us second term is sure for him. Now I understand the adage that says the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”

On his part, Akor, a student of Benue State University said the Governor has made life difficult for students in the state.

“Why would a reasonable governor decided to increased school fee by 100 per cent? It is pure wickedness! This is a man who has cannot confidently point at anything achievement since he assumed power and he is here boasting of second term.

Our dear Apostle should sit up and stop telling us stories of his days as a motor park boy. Benue has gone beyond those tales by moonlight,” Akor said.

On his part, ace journalist and publisher of DayBreak Newspaper, Yemi Itodo believes that the Governor is out to completely ruin the state.

According to him, “Ortom is good at uprooting; he does not know how to plant. The blood of the innocent Agatu farmers and those who are currently suffering in the hands of kidnappers and you are pretending as if all is well, will hunt you. If God is alive and still in heaven and reigns all over the earth, you will not win any election in Benue again, that is if you survive this tenure.”

Earlier, a former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav stated that Ortom lacks the capacity, capability and the intellect to govern Benue State.

Tsav said, “I am deeply in sympathy with Ortom, because in my view, he does not seem to know what he is doing. He is seriously handicapped and lacks the capacity, capability and intellect to govern Benue State.

To worsen issues, he is aggressive and a shameless lying “MAN OF GOD”.

“He has reduced himself to a Puppet and allowed himself to be led by the nose as a reigning Monarch who relies on falsity and deceit as instrument of performance.

“Where a person knows nothing about something, the best option is ennoble humility and preparedness to learn.

“Ortom is borrowing left right and Centre to impress his masters and to help himself and themselves by operating an expensive Govt. Imagine the purported value of vehicles he bought for his Aides and the number of Committees he set up. It’s unfortunate indeed,” Tsav had said of Ortom in a statement.



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