Mimisola Daniels Denies Getting Engaged to Niyi Johnson

Nollywood actress, Mimisola Daniels, caught everyone’s attention the moment it was rumoured that she was the one to take the place of Toyin Aimakhu in the life of her ex- husband, Niyi Johnson. There was even a picture of Niyi proposing to Mimi that almost confirmed the news. However, Mimi is denying the whole love thing.


She said that the picture was taken on a movie location “I am not engaged to him, the picture that went viral with him proposing to me happened on set of a movie, Risk (Ewu) produced by me.

He is a senior colleague and a friend. I addressed the controversy the next day when I found out it was all over the news, even Niyi Johnson did but the bloggers who went on saying I was engaged to him didn’t say it happened in a movie. We both debunked the claim on Instagram,” she said.

That she is not dating Niyi doesn’t mean that she will not want to date a man. “I want a very caring, loving, down to earth man that will treat me like a princess. I pray for a God-fearing and hardworking man. I have suitors, I have not chosen from any of them as I am taking my time. I will choose one of them anytime soon,” she said.


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