Woman Exposed After Mixing Sperm and Poo in Bizarre Ritual to Win the Hearts of Rich Men … see photo

A woman has caused an outrage after she was found out to have mixed sperm and poo to entice rich men. The woman identified as Geraldine Baye, who plotted to win over rich men by mixing her sperm and poo has been humiliated after her WhatsApp chats leaked online.


In one message, Geraldine allegedly revealed that she was trying to make a “rich” businessman love her using the bizarre ritual. According to Daily Star, she also apparently admitted to making the sick mix once before. In a revealing chat with her friend the naughty woman claimed she could not pay her rent without the man’s money.

The businessman has been identified locally as Ishmael Matyenyika. It is thought that he has at least one other wife. The messages have been going viral in Zimbabwe, where some social media users have slammed Geraldine’s friends for leaking the chats.

One wrote: “What Geraldine did is not right, but taking screenshots is worse. “It’s too much from a friend. Geraldine’s life will never be the same again – her friend has ruined her life. Geraldine has denied the allegations but admitted having an affair.



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