Buhari bluntly agrees Nigeria fantastically corrupt … see video clip

President Muhammadu Buhari has agreed with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who said Nigeria is a “fantastically corrupt” country.

Buhari said this as he made his way out of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London with some dignitaries where he had delivered his keynote address at the Commonwealth event tagged, “Tackling corruption together: A conference for civil society, business and government leaders.

Recall that Cameron while briefing the Queen of England, Elizabeth 11, Tuesday, after a cabinet meeting ahead of the Anti-Corruption summit where the Nigerian president is billed to give a keynote address on Thursday, tagged Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt” nations.

The brief interaction took place between Nigeria’s president and Sky News’ Diplomatic Editor, Dominic Waghorn.

Buhari, apart from giving in to Cameron’s comment on Nigeria, reinstated he was not embarrassed by Cameron’s statement.

Waghorn asked Buhari if he would like an apology from the Prime Minister, Buhari said, “No, no. Not at all.”

Waghorn: Are you embarrassed by what he (Cameron) said?

Buhari: No I’m not.

Waghorn: Is Nigeria fantastically corrupt?

Buhari: Yes.



    • Isn’t it better they didn’t release it earlier? Do you think Jonathan and his cohorts who didn’t see it morally wrong to steal money meant for fight against terrorism wouldn’t have easily stolen the recovered loots?

    • Buhari should be ashamed for saying the truth? it is u, Uzodinma that should be ashamed for shying away from the truth and it is the attitude of ur likes, that will always cover the truth, that put us in this mess that PMB is working very hard to clear!

    • Is Nigeria not fantastically corrupt or do you think the whole world is in the dark as to what’s happening in Nigeria? Better be real to yourself!

  1. No doubt that there is a lot of corruption in Nigeria.
    But this is probably a case of the pot calling the kettle black
    Cameron and the UK are not in the right place to label Nigeria or Afghanistan corrupt.
    The litmus test to my assertion is a honest answer to the following questions:
    Where do the corrupt politicians from Nigeria take Nigerian money and hide?
    Where do corrupt politicians sometimes hide from the hand of the law and EFCC?
    On detection and location of the stolen monies in various UK banks, has the United kingdom returned all proven stolen monies?
    Is UK happy to restore these money or are they foot dragging?
    Why has Cameron not ordered banks and other lodgement houses or businesses that have suspiciously large investments by Nigerians to make them public or known to the Nigerian government?
    My submission is that corruption is not an African thing; it is a global or pandemic disease affecting downing street and other first world countries.
    My parting shot is that one of the products our colonial masters exported to Nigeria in the colonial days was corruption.
    They further engineered corruption into the Nigerian polity, society and genes.
    Uk needs to know that they are majorly responsible for what is going on in Nigeria today.
    I am fed up of this holier than thou stance by these hypocrites!!!

  2. Buhari has no option than to agree with Cameron, the comment by the man is known to the whole world, but PMB had gone further by asking for the return of the stolen asset.

  3. Rather than quarel with what Cameron said, which is the truth anyway, we should demand that Cameron, his Queen and all Britons should not put impediments on the PMB government & Nigerian people efforts to recover our stolen wealth stashed away in UK banks and institutions.

  4. What else do you want Buhari to say?.Do you want to tell me those people don’t know what is going on in Nigeria?.Arms deal,electoral fraud and bribing allegations.if British government started telling you how much our people stole and kept in their Banks,you will be alarming.
    This is not the first time those whites are saying this,even right here in our country during GEJ tenure,Hillary Clinton as a secretary of states to the America said we are corrupt and head did not loose.
    Buhari was just tried to be blunt.He is saying every time that America and the West should help to repatriate our stolen fund.If He now said no-Nigeria is not corrupt,Has He not turn Himself to be a liar?.

  5. I made the comment on the UK hypocrisy before listening to President Buharis comment. Watching and listening to the recording has vindicated me.
    President Buhari agreed to the fact that Nigeria is corrupt.
    But one of the aides of the Nigerian president made a statement which we as Nigerians ought to keep emphasizing to one another, the Britons and Mr. Cameron.
    The statement the aide made is Mr. President wants back the Nigerian money in UKs’ coffers.
    If you watched the video clip you will see that some of the UK reporters immediately asked what money? As if to dissociate UK from the corruption or claim ignorance.
    This matters less!
    However this hypocritical act of being the righteous Judge or Jury; while keeping and developing a blind spot to stolen loot coupled with unwillingness to release it need to be resisted and stopped.
    Lets all embrace the paradigm shift as Nigerians and say No to thieves who are more advanced in corruption. Lets address this elitist institution; Corruption inc, LTD (Corruption Incorporation Limited). by who they are!
    I don’t want to miss my point

  6. The idea of Cameron qualifying corruption in Nigeria as fantastic should be worrisome to every meaning nigerian including our president. Cameron could only have chosen to use such qualification on the premise that corruption in Nigeria is a blessing in disguise for UK. All of us nigerians are not clueless or non rational not to observe that the West is seriously benefiting from nigerians corruption. It is anti humanistic and morally condemnable that such a world leader could carelessly use an appreciative appraisal connotation for an assessment of a universal socio-moral evils like corruption. From analytic point of view, His Excellency, David Cameron should tender an open apology to humanity for carelessly giving positive attribute to the bane of social survival & development.
    So i uphold that it may be true that some nigerians or any other people of the world are extremely corrupt but nothing in our wise imagination or social justice is fantastic about that.
    My dear, ALF what do you think about my objection?

  7. It’s good to accept the truth in order for change to occur. Nigeria is corrupt does not mean that the Nigerians are corrupt. The corrupt ones are the government. And that’s what he accepts.

  8. The bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.When you know the truth, say the truth and by that on the path way of freedom. President Buari said the truth and God Almighty will help and assist you to lead this Nigeria to freedom land. God bless Nigeria!

  9. The bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.When you know the truth, say the truth and by that you are on the path way of freedom. President Buari said the truth and God Almighty will help and assist you to lead this Nigeria to freedom land. God bless Nigeria!

  10. Agreed there is corruption in Nigeria but the receiver of stolen funds is also a thief especially if he refuses to return it.

  11. It is unfortunate that such a comment is coming from Mr Cameron. The elders do say that he who collects and keep a stolen property is also a thief. Majority of the looted funds are all in UK. If he wants to prove us wrong, let him give a standing instruction for all the stolen funds to be repatriated back to Nigeria without any further delay. That will really prove that UK is not aiding and abetting. Anything short of this, I beg to submit that UK should keep their mouth permanently shut up concern this issue.

  12. Except a corn or yam that is planted dies and rottens most times, it will not spring forth and bud with life. Yes we are very corrupt Nation. Infact, the most corrupt Nation on Earth from all indications. But pls believe that this is a fulfillment of a Prophecy by Pa Elton( Missionary who served in Nigeria for over 50 yrs.). BUT the other side of the prophecy is that after this, things will change by God’s intervention, and Nigeria shall be known as a righteous Nation and many, ( even from Britain and America. Most likely Cameron’s and Clinton’s grand children -I add- ) will come to Nigeria to learn righteousness and possibly apply for the Niverian passport.
    Do you believe? I do. And I’ve taken a stand against corruption in and around me. Pls join the movement to the realization of this positive side of the Prophecy. We have seen the fulfilment of one side and we shall live to see the other side too. God will do through you and I if we can resolve to say “No to Corruption”. It’s not a fight for Buhari alone.
    God bless Nigeria. Righteous becomes Niveria!

  13. Oh yes our politicians are fantastically corrupt, but not ordinary Nigerians working so hard to put foods on their tables. We are suffering because our leaders n politicians took the monies meant for development n well being of Nigerians, kept in UK n western world to flourish these countries at the expense of us. But if you accept stolen money into your countries, means also they too are corrupt. Simple as ABC. To cut long story short—they should return the egos back to us. We can’t be suffering in the midst of plenty. So therefore, I would suggest Nigerians everywhere in the world to march to the embassies of these countries where our politicians and government officials have kept the stolen cash to protest peacefully to demand their respective home governments to release all our monies with immediate effect. The protest should not stop until we see positive response. Again, PMB to sign agreement with these countries that henceforth, any politicians or government officials planning or have intention of starching stolen money in any of these countries. The host countries should alert EFCC. That way , we would agree these countries are helping us to fight corruption genuinely, not accept these stolen funds to help their own economy!
    Fellow Nigerians, what’s your opinion about my suggestions above. Please comment. God bless Nigeria n rescue us from these greedy people.

  14. That word is too strong and I am fantastically surprised that PMB is admitting this insult before these yellow people who are also more corrupt than us. I miss Baba OBJ. He would have lashed Cameron or what he called. OBJ once told them that nothing is great in great Britain.I am disappointed Mr MPB.

  15. This is the bitter truth about Nigeria–Corruption is in the family, in Companies both private and public ones, it is in government be it Local, State and the Federal level, corruption is in the soul of the Nigerian Nation like cancer, until the truth about corruption is told and dealt with in this country, Nigeria and Nigerians will not move forward economically, socially, spiritually, emotionally etc.
    In the long run corruption does not pay anybody both the perpetuators and the victims of corruption.

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