My husband ties me up, rapes me daily for 7 years – Woman cries out

Following the death of the Lagos-based banker, Ronke Shonde, who was allegedly killed by her husband, Lekan, a woman identified only as Esther, a 27-year-old victim of domestic violence has spoken out.

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Esther told Channels TV on Tuesday that she had been a victim of domestic violence for the past seven years but held on to her marriage because she had nowhere else to go.

She revealed how she was impregnated at 18 due to the hostility in her by her stepfather. She said after the birth of her child, the father of her child began abusing and beating her.

”My problems began after my mother remarried 10 years after my father died,” She said.

“My step father does not want to see me. He hates me and my kid brother with a passion. He keenly shows me hatred to the extent that whenever he is at home, I can’t go into the house, I hang around, and I will not even be able to sleep in the house.

“Owing to this treatment from my stepfather, I had to leave his house since the condition there was unbearable and I got into a relationship with a man and my life became a living hell.

“I have no access to anything in the house; when he wants to go out, he will disconnect the wires and lock up the refrigerator. He denies my basic needs by locking up vital items in the house while he went to work.

“When he is at home, I can’t come out to his presence, I can’t sit on the bed or chair unless he asks me to. He would always say I didn’t come to his house with chair so I can’t sit on it.

“I became pregnant for him at 18 and safely put to birth. “My baby was 9 days old when my husband started sleeping with me. I will complain of pains and he would not care. He will shout at me, tie up my hands and legs to have sex with me daily.

“I endured all these because I had nowhere to go. I was there until I had 2 children for him despite the torture.

“After 2 more children and 3 abortions, I knew I had to move on with my life, else I will die in that house.

“I left the relationship after 7 years,” She narrated. Esther and her children currently reside in the Ijora area of the state with her mother.

Esther advised abused women to speak out as soon as possible, adding that the only way to break free from the abuse was to break the bond of silence.



  1. Only a fool will hear one sided story and pass judgement…
    Why will a man just beat his wife? Was he a drunkard, is the lady known to be rude? Is she sleeping around? Is she of bad behavior?
    Why did her step father hate her and the husband too? Something is wrong somewhere..
    Some women are terrible we must not jump into conclusion..

    • Soon Marty Marty Marty. Your words condemn you my friend! “Is the lady known to be rude?” “Is she bad behaviour (sic)”

      So that’s enough for you to beat YOUR wife abi?

      It amazes me that despite the fact that generation replaces generation we still carry on our primitive tendencies.

      Are you teaching your sons to beat women too?

    • So wat u r saying is that all those things you have listed above are good reasons to violate and molest people.

  2. Surprisingly,I see what marty is saying, but at the same time, violence is violence. For no reason should a man raise his hands against a woman (maybe except in some form of defence) but not hit her. I wish we could hear from the step dad/husband and her mom! The story was written to pity one party and not to understand the situation. So no judgement can be passed. 7yrs 2 kids 3 abortions…

  3. Lol..the female folks wanna eat me up..
    Truth is some men are very violent…when a woman is married to such a man , they had to know how to manage them.
    Of course, there is no justification for violence of any sort but we can’t delude ourselves that it won’t happen …
    My point is : some women provoke men to violence ..they need to know this…
    Yeg, don’t know if you are married but there are few men better than me… Lol
    That is a fact…am.not a violent man ..I don’t even watch wrestling.. Can’t stand the violence nature of such sport…

    • My dear Matty,u r on point.If u havnt been there b4,u wont understand.Women can b so irritatingly provocative.

  4. Point of correction Nicholas. Some women not all. My dear Esther, ur story is not clear.How can u leave with a man for seven year as u mentioned, received all the toture and still had 2 children and 3 abortion for him.U do not have any other close relations apart from your mom to run or even church?

  5. 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Ephesian 5:21-33, 6:1-4. The first states what people of the last days would look like. Lovers of themselves and money, greedy, selfish etc. Only me or the ‘me first’ generation of people would always judge others without hearing the other side. Where was her mother, when the step father was mistreating her daughter? Was this girl responsible, respectful to warrant or attracts the step father’s to like her? Did she accept the step father as her dad in place of the died father since he assumes the role of a father, being her mother’s husband? When these questions are truthfully answered with evidence, then there would be cause to make further enquiries from other parties. Then property conclusions can be drawn.
    The man who did not marry her properly, she parked into his house, may be against all advice, hence, there was no father’s relations or mother’s relations to run to; or even the mother to intervene in the matter. She ran away from home, directly to where? Most girls take prostitution or live in brothels and from their, one irresponsible drunk picks her from their and she lived with him and faced all these alleged torture; can we tell, the circumstances?
    If I may ask her, she had nowhere to go, now, she is with her mother? Has her mother equally left the man that did not like her? Was her brother also disliked by the man? if not, why was she the one so disliked.
    Same dislike occurred at the so called husband she lived with for 7years. Was she picking things or a kleptomaniac that he must protect his properties from her, once he is away from the house?
    She is a very beautiful and soft looking lady from the picture we can see, and should be liked if she conducts herself. It cannot be true that the man had sex with her everyday for 7years? What of Menstrual periods? If all of us ask ourselves, ‘what have I don’t wrong?’ in every giving situation, we would find answers to our predicaments. Blaming others alone solves no problem, but it takes too to tango. Favorable actions most likely attracts favorable response.
    That is why, it is only when a person is cross examined according to Solomon of old, then you would know the truth.
    Reading through Ephesians as quoted above, we would come to know how to achieve a happy marriage life with children equally happy. The Creator of Mankind knows our content and have equally provided guide to happy family life. If all can search for answers to problems from the word of God, we shall find wisdom and the fear of the Almighty and live happy lives Proverbs. 2:1-5

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