Obasanjo doesn’t joke with his money, i did not marry him for financial gains – Wife

Wife of Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, Bola, says her husband does not joke with money and does not like lazy people. She said this on Wednesday at the Ogun State 3rd Investors’ Forum. Bola said she did not marry the elder statesman for his money.

obasanjo bola

She said, “I thank God that I am with baba. Don’t think that it is because of his money, not at all, he doesn’t joke or mess around with his money.

“If he says he loves you, you must be hardworking. We nicknamed baba, wole joko jeun (enter, sit and eat) because of his busy nature. He is always attending to people. He has got answer to everybody’s problem.

“At times in our house, we receive over 100 guests in a single day, and we serve food to them. You dare not tell OBJ that there is no soup in the house, except you want trouble. When he comes in, rush to the kitchen, even if there is nothing, you have to pretend that you are bringing something. If the kitchen is empty, you have to rush to the garden.

“There was a day that someone asked me if we don’t have magazine in the house, and I asked what the person needed it for and she explained that she wanted to use it to fan herself in case of power outage, then I told her that they don’t read magazine here, people come here to see OBJ’s face.

“He is a unique man, very unique, and it is not him, it is the grace of God upon his life,” she added.

Obasanjo got married to Bola in 2009, exactly four years after Stella, who was the first lady during his time in power, died from a failed surgery in a Spanish hospital.



    • The father of which nation?Odudua nation?Definitely not Nigeria.He gave put Bakasi to Csmeroun,squsndered 26 billion dollars on ppwer project with no single bulb lighted,stole billions to build Ota farm snd Brlls university.He was indictedby his son Gbenga of chopping the forbiddrn ftuit of his daughter in law.One csn go on .If tthats the person you call father I prefer a monkey.Please dont makrcme vex o!.God bless Nigeria.

  1. From where you dey get the money to cook for the plenty people wey dey come see OBJ’s, whether him don become baba sala? Those who say he is the father of the nation, which nation? Nigeria or the one wey him use him position to gather money from every ministry, government agencies, etc including Pension Fund wey no body dey touch take build library for himself? Person wey say, if dem wan probe his Minister of Aviation for money wey loss, he dey dare Jonathan to probe him instead? Person in whose time, he dey release capital vote late December, and ask everybody to return the money after 5pm 31st December? Wey IGP Balogun take helep himself with Receipt for Barrack Building within few days to colobi the money? His daughter Iyabo too, collect 300,000,000:00 from unspent Ministry of Health money as Chairman of Senate Committee on Health? The man wey leave all Nigerian Roads to develop gutter so tey, Apapa expressway, turn to fish pond? Wey, Shagamu – Benin Express, Trailer dey hook for pot hole? wey luxury bus go hang for middle because of bad road? Wey, the road to his own Ota family, person no fit pass? Person wey, dem take pure water bag stone, when he himself go hook for bad road go slow for egbada side, when he left office? Fathers are people who cared for their children, not those who bled it and went away with billions in dollars.

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