Doctors Conduct Autopsy on Ronke Shonde as Police Invite her Alleged Secret Lover

The highly publicized case of alleged murder of Ronke Shonde by her husband has taken a new turn as doctors conclude autopsy. Autopsy on the remains of Ronke Shonde, 36, has been conducted by pathologists at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital on Thursday.


They however declined to make the result public. According to Punch Metro, the alleged lover of the victim, Kayode, had been invited to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, to make statements to assist the police with investigations.

This is just as the landlady of the house, where the incident happened, expressed shock over Ronke’s death and the alleged involvement of her husband, Lekan, saying she had never seen them fight before. It will be recalled that Lekan, 51, allegedly beat his wife, Ronke, to death at their home in the Egbeda-Idimu area of the state last Thursday.

Lekan, a dock worker in the Apapa area, who spoke with Punch while in hiding, had however denied complicity in the death. He accused Ronke of sleeping with Kayode, the general manager of a publishing company where she worked as the human resources manager.

The landlady of the house, who did not want her name in print, told our correspondent on Thursday that she was surprised at the incident because Ronke and Lekan were nice and easy-going. She said, “They are a nice couple. I have never had any reason to separate them in a fight. We don’t hear their voices whenever they are at home. I therefore cannot understand how this happened.”

A source revealed that the police had already invited Kayode, Ronke’s alleged lover, over the incident. Kayode and Ronke worked in the same publishing firm belonging to the latter’s uncle. Lekan had claimed that Kayode slept with his wife in a hotel in Abuja while they both went to recruit workers for the new office of the company. The source said Kayode had promised to honour the police invitation by next week.

“He should be here next week to state his own side of the story and assist with investigation,” he added. It was revealed that the medical team at the LASUTH conducted the autopsy on the deceased on Thursday. A source, who did not want to be named, said the result would be out on Tuesday.

She said, “The test was conducted today, but we have been told to wait for the result, which will be ready in five days’ time. The corpse of the victim cannot be released until then, so the family will have to suspend all burial plans for now.”

A source told the newsmen that Lekan had been taking things easy in detention, adding that he gave policemen no reason to be hard on him. The source said, “He has taken everything calmly, although he is sad that his wife is late. He had been eating well. He ate pounded yam two times on Wednesday.

“He has continued to maintain his innocence, saying he loved his wife so much that he could not do anything to hurt her.

“He said he had even bought her a jeep to celebrate her birthday and the vehicle was on the high sea when this happened.” The Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, when contacted, said she would get back to our correspondent, but she had yet to do so as of press time.



  1. Even if she sleeps with the man, the best thing to do is to divorce her or forgive her. Lekan himself cannot swear to God or on his mother’s grave, that he does not either have girlfriend or he has never slept with another lady since he married to Ronke.
    So why beating her ? I just prayed he didn’t beat her o.

  2. I think most of us convicted the husband last week on paper,

    Just watch for the Autopsy and see how the man will be released

  3. The Kayode man who alleged to have slept with this married woman will never agree doing something like that. He is not a oyibo who would agree. Moreover, no autopsy will show anything. Except, the Police will go beyond levels to check contents of communications on the woman’s cell phone, if at all the service providers would have anything to show, except transactions btw the two phone lines. Then again, who were colleagues, so can call each other. The only suspicious matter would be the hours the connections were made. Even then, provided the husband is not the travelling type, they could do things anytime.
    If by any chance, Kayode contributed to this catastrophe, only his conscience will judge him, if he has any at all, if within him and God this dastard act of sleeping with other peoples’ wives fashionable among them was done by him.

  4. Invitation to the man is rubish. Why? Lekan murdered the Lady. 100% we can play God. To kill is nt a matter of whether the Lady had sex with another man of not. If yes, is it enough reason to kill her. Lekan believes his family has enough cash to change or twist the matter but God of our hearts take revenge for Lady against whoever took her life. So having sex outside marriage attracts capital punishment/ dead. You kill her becos you think she is fatherless, no one to ask you. God is her father and will ask you.

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