Reverse your decision on subsidy removal within 7 days or face mother-of-all protest – Melaye dares Buhari

The Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District, Sen. Dino Melaye, Thursday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to rescind his decision on fuel subsidy withdrawal within 7 days or face what he called mother-of-all protest.


Melaye equally urged the National Chairman of his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Odigie Oyegun, to prevail on the Buhari-led Federal government to do the needful.

Melaye took to his Facebook page threatening that if after seven days (from Monday next week) there is no reversal, he will mobilize Nigerians from all walks of life for the mother of all protest.

He said: “My sincere advise is for the National Chairman of our party to suggest that the federal government immediately reverse the announced increase in the pump price of PMS.

“If after seven days from Monday, there is no reversal, I will mobilize Nigerians from all walks of life for the mother of all protest.

“This is not what we promised Nigerians. The time is not right and the negative effects will be unbearable. A word is enough for the wise.”



  1. Who will follow you Melaye? God will fight for us. You are only shouting for your personal interest. Remember what happened to Pharaoh at the red sea. We masses are looking unto God not you senators.

  2. You are indeed a courageous man, you are doing the same thing u did in 2012 during jonathan administration. Carry go we dey behind you

  3. I as much as I agree that the increase in pump price of pms is the least at this time, Dino Melaye is talking as if he has the interest of the masses at heart. Nothing about him suggest this. He must have a hidden agenda which will be made manifest sooner than later. May the Lord deliver the country from selfish and insincere leaders. Amen

  4. I think we should give this govt more Time for what they promised Nigerians .we are in critical conditions right now,as a nation, we all need to understand.

  5. Go ahead and let’s see the fools and blind that will follow you bcos it simply means that they cannot fathom or see that with your many automobiles, you are one of the people that will be directly and negatively affected by the new policy among other things

  6. Did Dino think we are fool? Everybody knows that you can’t do anything that will benefit the masses except your personal interest and the likes of you in power. Please keep quiet! The Federal Govt step could be a right decision at the wrong time but God knows the best for us in this country and will do the best.

  7. Dino boy, oko omoge himself, Na OYO you dey for this matter. Where were you when we were buying fuel for #500/liter. Abeg go siddon for sakari corner dey do boy boy. Mother of protest ko, father of protest Ni. Agbero like you.

  8. How do we survive this critical moment in Nigeria, no job,no salary and fuel is increased. Are we really serious. God please help us,deliver us from this fearless looters .

  9. I beg ask Dino, what was his response when the #36million car was being discussed. Let him stage it and see who will dance to d tune.

  10. The wolf in sheep clothing are gradually showing up as their original plans can not achieve their enterprise. If actually Dino have the interest of the ‘said’ masses at heart, let him start by cutting his total take hold to 50%. Secondly he should reject the exotic cars meant for senators and thirdly all the amount he has received as constituency allowance should be fully and properly utilized for his constituency. Lastly, I want Dino to know that the days of fooling Nigerians is over. Nigerians are now wiser and no longer follow people dogmatically. Even if you pay people out there to protest, they will simply collect your money and will not follow you. If you’ve nothing to tangible to say, please keep your mouth ‘shut up’.

  11. Let Dino the reverend senator who loves Nigerians so much tell us what has done for his senatorial district since he became one, den he and his family will lead the protest n we other Nigerians will join forces with them.

  12. Nigerians be wise, thou the fuel price increase will bite hard on us but let’s exercise patience n see wat will come out of it. Don’t follow all dis political jobbers , he is working for his oga. Looters!!! May God save us

  13. Wel, is really unfortunate. I am a young widow with 3 kids. I lost my husband and my job almost at the same time. I know how difficult the country is right now. I said a prayer yesterday “if Buhari mean well for this nation, let God increase his days on this earth, but if he doesn’t mean well, let him face the anger of God. My people, I beg you guys no one should join him in this protest plan. They will just kill you for nothing. God is watching and He shall judge. He is only one that can help in this issue, let us go to him in prayers. He will surely answer us. Psalm 41:1-3.

  14. Dino Malaye is an idiotic, unpatriotic, late bloomer who tattoo’s who is foolish enough to tatto his girlfriends picture on his body, when it should be the other way round

    Fuel subsidy removal is the way to go

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