Safest Place to Live in Nigeria – UN reveals

The United Nations in its latest National Human Development Report for Nigeria, 2016 has named the safest region in Nigeria. According to its National Human Development Report for Nigeria, 2016, the South-East is the safest place to live in Nigeria.


“Insecurity remains an ever-present threat to peace and development of the country … and, without a doubt, poses great danger and exacerbates an already fragile economic development landscape as the country grapples with the reality of shifting from over-reliance on oil and gas sector to other sectors,” stated Fatma Samoura, UNDP Nigeria Resident Representative at the launch of the 2016 National Human Development Report in Abuja earlier today.

The report under the theme “Human Security and Human Development” makes a compelling case that unchecked poverty; persistent hunger; uncontrolled diseases; lack of access to basic services; disregard for human rights; sub-optimal response to natural and man-made disasters; unregulated natural resources exploitation and use – among others, pose serious threats to human development today.

The report further highlights the existing gap in human security across the geo-political zones of the country; – the most human security secure geo-political zone is the South-East while the North-West and the North-East geopolitical zones are the least human security secured, with residents of the Federal Capital Territory being the worst in most realms of the Human Security Index. The North-East region of the country has been the most affected by the more than 5 yearlong military insurgency. It also remains among the least developed parts of the country.

The report further states “Despite a robust economic growth of about seven percent between 2010 and 2014, a large proportion of Nigerians still live in poverty and are exposed to various vulnerabilities. An estimated 61.3 percent of Nigerians are classified as poor with 48.8 percent of them classified as multi-dimensionally poor”



  1. if I hear,how about the trucks that was burnt at Onitsha head bridge and dangote drivers that were almost lynched if not for intervention of soldiers.all these happened during the protest at Onitsha.

  2. The WHO report states that cities in SE are most polluted in the country. While pollution is not good, it shows that rapid industrialization is taking place in the region.

    For those who misinterpreted pollution as “filth” they should be worried that no SW city made the list.

    Now SE is the safest region in the country. It is because there is no omo onile, agbero, area boys, alaye, boko haram etc in the east

  3. ”no omoonile, agbero, areaboys, alaye, boko haram, etc” Wow this is complete truth and it makes the Igbo man unique. The traces of these vices you will see among a few miscreants were learnt from others especially the south west and north. Well said brother!!!

    Don’t forget that to kill a human being (Igbu Ochu) in Igbo land is anathema. Whoever kills no matter his position is ostracized unless such a person committed suicide on his own. The Igbo believe in live and let live. This worldview placed us as endangered species among evil minded neighbours who do not have any qualms killing and maiming and stealing. Neighbours whose culture understood and welcomed the autocracy of kingship; even accepted serfdom as a social status for some people.

    Privileges among the Igbo are won on the platter of individual contribution to the society. Our neighbours love this culture because it stands out as one of the most advanced stages of human development. If the Igbo were not paired with rest of Nigeria especially the Yoruba and Hausa / Fulani they would have achieved feats at similar level with rest of the developed world.

    I am very proud to be Igbo.

    • Well said! I am a proud Igbo as well but don’t agree entirely with you! Shame we have leaders with myopic views who are extremely corrupt! Our governors are our worst enemies. We have also resorted to kidnapping and killing which is so sad!!

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