We will return at least $350M stolen money from Nigeria – US assures Buhari

The United States government has reassured the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government that it would return at least $350m of stolen money from Nigeria.

kerry buhari

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, made this pledge during the Anti-corruption Summit Plenary at Lancaster House London, United Kingdom.

He said, “This money goes somewhere, folks. When I read that tens of billions of dollars were stolen from President (Muhammadu) Buhari’s country by generals and put into other nations, some of it in our country – and we are now working to restore $350 million back, and there’s more to be restored to the people.

“And every one of those million dollars that comes back to a country is the opportunity to provide a desk and a chair and school and shelter and health care and meet the needs of nations. That is why we organise ourselves in the world around rule of law and in an effort to try to provide for our citizens,”

According to him, criminal activity is a destroyer of nation-states because it contributes to drug trafficking and arms smuggling.



  1. Wow, such arrogance. So he’s admitting that they have Nigeria money in their possession, but they will return some of it back. He sounded like he’s doing Nigeria a favor, it’s our money to begin with. Smh

  2. Let us just be grateful first, if Buhari did not courageously start this fight against corruption, what would any of us do?………..let’s start with the $350million and pray they would be releasing in a way that we can manage before some politicians put their eyes in it, especially if everything was paid back at once……..we can’t trust them to that level.

  3. Why are some commentators are saying rubbish in this forum. U are in ur country and some bad leaders carted away billions of $ in put it in ur country. Tell me who’s fault. For us to be appreciative and thank God for PMB they are there written rubbishy. I rest my case

  4. PMB needs to get some very smart accountants together who can go back an audit all this past politicians and leaders in order to give us an idea of how much of Nigeria’s money is outside this country
    These smart guys should also get additional support to further investigate and determine countries where our money has been hidden and how much is hidden.

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