Fuel subsidy: Tinubu, Soyinka, others should apologise to Jonathan – Ijaw group

The Concerned Ijaw Transformation Ambassadors (CITA) has said that Bola Tinubu, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, John Oyegun and the leadership and members of the Save Nigeria Group to tender an unreserved apology to former President Goodluck Jonathan over the sinister role they played when he announced the removal of fuel subsidy on the 1st of January, 2012.


This was contained in a press statement signed by Amb. Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peters. President, CITA and Comrade Obiri Wenebokefe Jonathan, Spokesman, CITA.

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CITA said that these professed patriots incited and led Nigerians to protest against the removal of subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit.

“They blatantly criticised this policy of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as a sheer scam targeted at unleashing untold hardship to the average Nigerian and sponsored protests and demonstrations which even led to the death of some Nigerians.
“We are berserkly puzzled that these same persons who feigned patriotism and advocacy for social justice turned a new leaf and now pioneer and celebrate the removal of fuel subsidy under President Muhammadu Buhari.
“Have they become proponents of a new school of thought? Was their disenchantment with the removal of fuel subsidy under Dr. Goodluck Jonathan triggered by sentiments of ethnic and political differences?
“Was the Save Nigeria Group a sheep covering veiling a calculated synergy to make Nigeria ungovernable for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan?
“It is crystal clear that the emotions of a great chunk of naïve and gullible Nigerians were incited and their passions ignited to fight against the success of the Nigerian Federal
Government under a peace loving and law abiding democratic President tagging it as being anti-people.
“On behalf of the foregoing, we direct the Save Nigeria Group and its leaders and members to tender an unreserved apology to Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.”



  1. Soyinka is politician I never trust him for one day as I never trust any politician in the world all I do is hear but make my sincere decision

  2. I beg 2 differ.We protested then against subsidy removal by Jonathan’s govt b/cos de economic indicies of dat time did not call 4 such removal.Not only dat, we knew dat Jonathan was such a weakling dat de palliatives his govt was promising dat time were not going 2 be done, dat those savings they were trikingus into were going to be stolen.Today’s revelations are proving us right.Also, Jonathan’s govt was peopled by rouges, armed robbers, 419 exponents,thieves,etc.But President Buhari is different.Am sure he will not stand 4 what President Jonathan tolerated.

  3. There is a terrible lack of sincerity in the claims that today’s Nigeria can better the lot of its citizens through Subsidy removal. The London times gave the names of 21 looters of Nigeria’s wealth. Over £45 billion could be repatriated. That ploughed into the economy can sustain a healthy Naira value and bring huge relief to the common man. The by far greater number of these 21 persons are compatriots of President Buhari. The timing of their ill-gotten loot predates GEJ tenure as President of Nigeria. FRAUD, FRAUD AND FRAUD. ALL THE WAY BUT SPELT DIFFRENTLY TO CELEBRATE IT

  4. The economy of the country did not call for subsidy removal then. If this present government had met a buoyant treasury surely those respectable citizens you asked to apologize would not have kept quiet. They are neither tribalists nor government haters.

  5. Unless subsidy is removed, Nigerians will continue to suffer from the consequent operational abuses. The sad thing is that our polititicians on both sides of the divide actually sit on the boards of these companies who are bent on holding the nation to ransom over fuel subsidy.
    Subsidy would benefit all if there were no corrupt initiatives. There is no action the government would take now that will not be subjected to abuse. Over the years it has been practically impossible to keep the pump price uniform through out the country. The primary purpose of the subsidy has never and will never be achieved because, let’s face it our country is fantastically currupt. The best thing therefore is to remove this tool which the agents of corruption employ. The cry about subsidy removal has nothing to do with common man. Who is deceiving who?

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