Fashion or Madness! You Won’t Believe a Lady Wore this to an Event … Photo

You will really be left speechless after seeing what a lady wore to a party all in the name of trendy fashion. This is just unbelievable.  This is really an end-time dressing!


A lady was spotted wearing this to a party and many people couldn’t believe their eyes as the woman’s cloth revealed everything underneath her upper body. Some men were spotted stealing glances at the lady who was not even ashamed, which has led many on social media to question the lady’s choice of clothing.



  1. Women all over the world, please come together n start talking sense into your fellow women on the need to be descent n morally up right. Ladies of this generation has lost it. Who is this girl trying to impress by being half naked. No longer shame. I thought the woman’s body is supposed to be the temple of God!!

  2. Adelove, why did you censor the picture? The girl who wore the outfit isn’t bothered…why should t be you who bothers to censor the picture? Abeg update this page and upload the uncensored picture jare!!

  3. We recognize mad people easily by their dressing even before they talk. So which man in his right senses will get closer to this mad woman? Any association with her is an association with madness

  4. We need not to be ahamsed by the way she dressed. She was sent out from the kingdom of devil so men becareful not every woman see is human being. She is devil incarnate . I rest my case

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