Traditional rulers back FG on fuel hike

The Association of Royal Traditional Rulers of Nigeria (ARTRN) has thrown its weight in support of the Federal Government’s hike in the pump price of petrol to N145 per litre.


President of ARTRN, His Royal Highness, Eze Thomas Obiefule while briefing newsmen on the development after a meeting of the association in Abuja, said the increase would benefit the country in the long run.

He noted that the payment of petroleum subsidy in the past benefited only a few individuals and urged a faction of the organised labour to discontinue its nationwide protest.

The traditional ruler urged Nigerians to support the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in his quest to reposition the economy of the country for the overall benefit of everybody.

Eze Obiefule admitted that Nigerians were undergoing hardship due to the sharp increase in the pump price, but assured that if given the chance, the new price regime would crash in few months to come.

“Yes, we agree that Nigerians are going through some hardship at the moment, but I want to assure as a businessman of over 30 years, that in the next three months the price will crash.

“This is because many people are now free to bring in the product and that is why we urge restraint; the hardship of today will lead to a tomorrow of bliss for all Nigerians,” he said.

Eze Obiefule commended the president for the ongoing fight against corruption, saying that his zeal in recovering the huge sums of money slashed away by some “greedy’’ Nigerians was laudable.

The body of royal fathers also urged the British government to ensure that all the stolen money hidden in their banks by some Nigerians were quickly returned. (NAN)



  1. What have traditional rulers got to do with the economics of increasing petrol pump price. Why did they go to abuja to discus it and not in their domain of authority. Is this not a clear case of corruption. What is efcc still waiting, or its not corruption when baba uses it. Shame on all.

  2. This issue is when they want to use this method, East igwes will take the front seat, followed by Yoruba obas, and the emirs will take the last roll. Selling their people for a morsel of porridge but when it’s time to discuss constitution amendments, resource control etc. reverse will be the arrangement. Emirs take the front rolls. Southerners stop selling yourselves so cheap to the north. The more you tried the harder it becomes. It’s so so sad

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