Why we refused joining NLC’s strike – TUC president

The national leadership of the Trade Union Congress, TUC, has explained why it boycotted the industrial action embarked upon by the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC.


Speaking yesterday in Abuja, the TUC President, Comrade Kiagama Bobboi explained that TUC pulled out of the strike because NLC only wanted the Federal Government to reverse the new pump price when there were other contending issues.

According to Bobboi, NLC took the stance during a negotiation meeting with the Federal Government. He said, “At this meeting, we drew attention of our NLC colleagues that there was no reason we should be persistent about one position…lets proffer alternative positions but they insisted there is not alternative position except the government brings back the price to N86.

“Then we asked, is that your only position and you are not changing to any other alternative? And they said yes. And the TUC said we were given a first and alternative mandate by our executive, and this is our alternative. Then we asked them to see reason with our own alternative but they said no. That was where disagreement entered.

“So I want Nigerians to use their sense of judgement and reason if you were in our shoes, the position you would have taken? It is important that in terms of taking decision that will affect the masses, one does not take a fanatical position and eventually mislead people.”



  1. Dem don collect money from government. Did government call your attention before they increase, if no. There is no reason for any negotiation.gbam

  2. I really don’t think that strike is the best option at this time when the economy is in very bad shape. Negotiations, negotiations and negotiations, please

  3. Should NLC be going on strike only when there is change on pump price? I believe if NLC can mobilize all Nigerian to block the gate of National Assembly over legislators’ salaries, they will surely reduce it to what Nigerians want. Also what are they doing about the states that have not paid their workers? They can also mobilise to block the gate of any agency that is found to be corrupt. They should help government fight some of this cause too. At least most of the corrupt people in government agencies are NLC members.

  4. NLC is not fighting for Nigerians its just a delinquent flight of fancy.
    The house of representatives has just perfected plan to purchase over three hundred exotic cars and NLC is pressing a disingenuous strike.
    I blame the less busy Nigerians following them

  5. It is unfortunate that the labour leadership are yet to get their priorities right. There are too many things they are supposed to have gone on strike for that they shut their eyes against. For example , the annual take home of a senator is what a worker will earn for about 1500years. NLC this is not the time to call out strike. Don’t allow yourselves to be used by these sets of corrupt people who do no wish the country any good.Please try and get your priorities right.

  6. NLC and other union leadership in this country most often act like thugs, mischief makers and illiterates. It is very disappointing that they do not put forward arguments based on empirical evidence. In this instance, one would have expected the NLC to give analysis and evidence of how the petroleum subsidy benefits the workers and the masses. But, they are not doing that. We all know that for most part of the last one year, majority of Nigerians have not been buying fuel at subsidized prices in spite of the billions of Naira paid by Government as subsidy. And NLC never called for a strike! A lot of time when they ask for salary increase, they mention figures without providing evidence that their employers are able to pay. Shame.

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