Buhari’s one year in office, a colossal waste, says Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has described the increment in the pump price of petrol as one of the gifts of President Muhammadu Buhari to Nigerians to celebrate his one year in office, describing the president’s one year in office as “a colossal waste”.

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In a statement titled; “Petrol Price Increment as Buhari’s 1st Year Anniversary Gift to Nigerians” which he personally signed, the governor said the Federal Government was indirectly collecting N58.50 naira tax from suffering Nigerians on each litre of petrol they buy.”

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The statement reads; “Despite his electoral promise to reduce petrol pump price from the N87 per litre that he met it, President Muhammadu Buhari increased the price to N145! With this increment, Buhari has further impoverished Nigerians.

“Nigerians should be reminded that on April 14, 2015, President Buhari’s ally and former Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Prof. Tam David-West, told Nigerians that Gen. Mohammed Buhari (who was then President-elect), will reduce the fuel pump price from N87 to N40 per litre. Buhari did not debunk this statement made by his friend and major supporter.

“Also, when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan reduced the petrol pump price from N97 to N87 per litre in January 2015, former Lagos State Governor who is now Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola said N10 reduction of the petrol pump price was too low and that Nigerians will get a better deal under Buhari. Fashola tweeted on January 18, 2015; ‘On PMS price reduction by N10. Now they listen. Oil the raw material drop over 50%, N10 is just about 10%. Good try but Nija can get a beta deal.’

“In rewarding Nigerians for electing him as president, President Buhari opted to increase petrol pump price by N58.50!

“The first justification of the increment was removal of subsidy. But Nigerians were later stunned when the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo said pump price of petrol was increased because Nigeria was broke!

“In other words, President Buhari increased petrol pump price because the country was broke and it needed to shore up its revenue base. The N58.50 added to the previous pump price of N86.50 was an Indirect Tax imposed on each litre of petrol purchased by Nigerians.

“Simply put, the Federal Government is indirectly collecting N58.50 naira tax from suffering Nigerians on each litre of petrol they buy. Buhari is no doubt acting like the proverbial Agbalowomeri Baale Jontolo (Aking that exploit his extremely poor subject to further enrich himself).

“It is on record that on May 2 this year, the federal government, in the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) Template released in Abuja, told Nigerians that it was subsidising petrol at N12.62 per litre.

“In 2012 when the Dr Jonathan removed fuel subsidy and increased petrol price to N141 per litre, crude oil was selling at $111 per barrel.

“If not wickedness, how can petrol price be increased to N145 per litre when crude oil is now selling at $49 per barrel?
“Increasing petrol pump price by N58.50 when the federal government claimed it was subsidising the product at N12.62 per litre is clear wickedness on the part of President Buhari.

“In the history of Nigeria, increase in price of petrol has never been as high as it was done by Buhari, putting Nigerians in severe hardship as the product affects every sector of the economy.

“Too bad, those who opposed removal of fuel subsidy in 2012 and funded the Occupy Nigeria protest are the ones canvassing support for this Buhari’s wicked one year anniversary gift to Nigerians.

“The labour unions are now completely cowed, dashing completely hope of the common people of Nigeria.

“Interestingly, this is not the first election promise by APC/Buhari that have been jettisoned since they got into office.

The N5,000 unemployment benefits promised the downtrodden was derisively put down by this President as “largesse” with the president spurning the emotional plea of his own wife to the contrary. To add salt and insult unto injury, he traveled abroad to make the statement.

“Despite the mindless and indefensible hike in fuel price, the commodity is still not available. Minister of state for Petroleum says there is no forex to pay for fuel import; yet there is forex to indulge Buhari’s foreign-trip profligacy.

“Presidential spin doctors and APC chieftains labouring to hoodwink the people speak glibly of how so-called deregulation will make products available, reduce cost through competition and the interplay of market forces as well as encourage private sector to build more refineries.

But thank God who loves Nigerians so much, the lies of these people was by divine arrangement, I suppose, revealed by no less a person than the junior minister Ibe Kachikwu himself when he said importation of fuel continues till 2019.

“Nigerians should be reminded that the manner of hardship being faced now was also faced during Buhari’s first coming as a military dictator when people had to queue for essential commodities. Now, Nigerians can’t even afford common tomato to prepare soup.

“So Nigerians you have heard the truth: Under Buhari/APC, it is almost certain that our suffering will continue till 2019.

“Nigerians, remember I warned you before Buhari was elected; I have been warning you since Buhari became president and I am warning now that if nothing is done urgently, the economy of Nigeria will collapse.”



  1. This f00lish fayose is so jobless that all he does is to move from one local restaurant to the other, trying to gain favour in the eyes of the commoners, and secondly to oppose everything the APC does. What tangible project can he boast of in his state that has been completed? He can’t even pay salaries in his state. If fayose isn’t careful, he would be assassinated. His loud mouth would put him in deep shit.

  2. Fayose is just what we call “notice-me”. He is talking about PMB’s one year anniversary achievements or lack of it but what does Fayose have to show Ekiti people & indeed Nigerians that he did in his TWO years in office. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING! May be to him and his under-developed brain, eating roasted corn and selling cooked beans on the streets of Akure are achievements. Meanwhile, Ekiti workers are to embark on strike because of unpaid salaries yet this foolish Fayose man shamelessly opened his mouth to condemn another govt.

  3. This rabble rouser, wailing wailer, unfortunately, bestowed on a state like Ekiti is such a collosal waste to the State. He’s so incurably obssessed with Buhari that he can’t even point to one achievement in his 3years of collosal waste sitting on the Ekiti state government seat. The civil servants have been on strike and rather than seat to think of a solution out of his pitiable situation, he’s want to comment on any Federal decision that he can’t even fathom how they are made. Real pity that his people have to endure another collosal one more year of waste before showing him the exit into political oblivion.

  4. Mr. blabber ! what does Fayose has to show for his first 3 years as Ekiti State Governor?
    Falana gbo ti’e tara eni la’agbo.

  5. The Lord will make this Governor to face the governance of Ekiti State rather than wasting time and resources in the useless mission of senselessly criticising the president
    Can’t he devote time to addressing the mirages of problems confronting the state?

  6. My dear Fayose, go and pay your workers and leave Buhari alone. It seems you don’t have any other job than to talk about Buhari, bla bla bla. Nonsense!

  7. Fayose is just a noise maker. If it is true that the Federal Government is taxing Nigerians, won’t Ekiti State share out of the revenue. Fayose has no work and by his billing he is a tout. He want to make himself known. The secret of how he used thugs to rig Ekiti Election will soon be revealed. Let him proffer solution for any problem.

  8. Why can’t you analyse what Fayose said abt the fuel prices instead of just been presiding’s fan like Arsenal fans?

  9. This Guy call Fayose is a nuisance…and a Lunatics…his problems in life is always BUHARI ABAH….he hates this man to a core… Governor PARROT…. very useless man.

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